Strothoff International School: A first-rate education near Frankfurt

Strothoff International School: A first-rate education near Frankfurt


Strothoff International School is a private all-day school with a project-based approach to learning. It has given itself a distinguished reputation in the Frankfurt region for being the only school to offer the complete International Baccalaureate as a continuum from Kindergarten to the Diploma Programme. Only nine kilometres away from Frankfurt city centre, the school runs a shuttle bus fleet servicing students living as far as 50 kilometres away. 

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More than a school - become part of the family! 

Learn and grow from kindergarten to IB at Strothoff International School

Strothoff is proud to highlight that they are the smallest international school in the Rhine-Main area because this makes them different from the other big schools. They see themselves not just as a school but something more like a family. 

With an enrolment of around 370 students, they make sure that no student gets lost and is guided and supported individually. They are a very close community, and this gives their students the room to grow and develop.

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Multiple languages

Aside from Kindergarten, English is the first language of instruction in all grades, but German is also taught to all students, either as a mother tongue course or as a language acquisition course at one of six different levels. 

English Learning Support (ELS) and German Learning Support (GLS) help students develop and consolidate successful language proficiency. French and Spanish are also available, among opportunities to engage in self-taught literature courses in multiple other languages. A variety of technology tools are used regularly with all ages.

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Academics & Campus

In line with the school’s learning culture, highly qualified and experienced teachers ensure that every student is supported and encouraged to inquire, collaborate, and develop as a whole person. 

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The rigorous IB programmes (PYP, MYP, and DP) and high expectations of Strothoff International School are rounded up by an After School Activities programme that offers an extensive range of high-quality clubs, sports, and arts, as well as an engaging music and drama programme. 

The campus boasts two well-stocked libraries with over 20.000 books, supervised by a full-time librarian and other assistants. An art studio with a wide range of media, including a kiln, and two music rooms equipped with over 100 instruments provide students with multiple opportunities to engage with the arts, while several fully equipped, high-standard science laboratories offer students hands-on experiences with science and technology. 

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You can visit the Strothoff International School website to get a 3-D tour of the building.

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Family-friendly environment

As their home away from home for many expats, the Strothoff community embraces an active Parent Teacher Organisation and welcomes family members to visit the school for one of the many coffee mornings, parent book club meetings, and variety of other festivals and celebrations. 

During school vacations, students can make even more new friends and enjoy the many different holiday camps offered throughout the academic year and summer holidays.

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Learn more about Strothoff International School

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