Top 5 German universities for international students

Top 5 German universities for international students

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Thanks to its low study costs and high-quality institutions, Germany is one of the most popular destinations around the world for students looking to study abroad. AGS Movers Germany shares its picks for the best universities for foreign students in Germany. 

More than 300.000 international students choose to come to Germany to study each year, and it’s no wonder. Germany offers excellent universities, a high standard of living, and a staggering variety of degree programmes to choose from - many of them offered to international students with zero tuition fees! 

Although we cannot mention them all, here are some of the best and most prestigious German universities for international students. 

1. Technical University of Munich 

The Technical University of Munich is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. Located in Bavaria, the country’s southernmost state, it is known for its excellent engineering and science programmes. 

The university also has a strong international focus, offering more than 100 different degree programmes in English. These include aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural biosciences, and biochemistry - to name just a few. 

2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 

While the Ludwig Maximilian University does offer a few programmes in English, generally speaking international students must be able to understand and speak some German to study at this prestigious institution. As part of the admissions process, you will need to prove that you are proficient in German, unless you are participating in a master’s degree programme or doctoral degree programme that is taught in English. 

LMU Munich is the sixth-oldest university in Germany and regularly appears high on worldwide university rankings thanks to its excellent teaching and research, covering a wide field of disciplines from humanities and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. 

3. The Free University of Berlin

The Freie Universität Berlin is situated in Germany’s capital city and offers students a full spectrum of study choices, with 12 departments offering more than 140 academic programmes. The university was founded in 1948 through international support, and these international roots have shaped the institution’s research efforts and student life, making it a welcoming home to international students from all over the world. 

The Freie Universität of Berlin offers international students undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programmes in a variety of disciplines, as well as a growing number of courses taught in English. 

4. University of Freiburg

Located in the southwest of Germany, close to the French border, the University of Freiburg is one of the oldest universities in the country. Known for its high teaching standards and excellent research facilities, the university attracts 4.000 international students from over 100 countries every year. Unlike the other universities on this list, however, the University of Freiburg does charge tuition fees of 1.500 euros per semester to students coming from outside the EU. 

The University of Freiburg offers 28 different degree programmes taught exclusively in English. These cover a wide variety of disciplines, including applied physics, biomedical sciences, computer science, economics, systems engineering, liberal arts and many more. 

5. Hamburg University of Technology

The Hamburg University of Technology is the largest university in northern Germany, and is known for its outstanding engineering and technology programmes. The university boasts a diverse student body, with a considerable percentage of its students coming from abroad. It offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degrees, such as computer science, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering.

Since these degree programmes are taught in German, proficiency in German is an entrance requirement and you will need to prove that you can understand and speak the language. 

Coming to Germany as an international student

If you're an international student looking for a great place to study, Germany should be at the top of your list. The nightlife in most German cities is vibrant and there are always cultural events happening for local and foreign students alike to enjoy. 

Germans also have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming, so it won't be hard for you to make new friends and quickly feel like you’re part of the community. Top that off with the fact that most German universities don’t charge tuition fees, even for international students and, all things considered, Germany is an excellent choice when deciding where to pursue your studies abroad.

If you want to bring a little piece of home with you to start your life as an international student in Germany, or if you wish to move back home from Germany after graduation, AGS Movers can assist you. With more than four decades of experience, AGS can offer unrivalled expertise and quality as well as tailor-made services, suited to your needs and budget. Get a quote today!

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