Vlerick Business School: Embed sustainability into the heart of your business

Vlerick Business School: Embed sustainability into the heart of your business


These days, ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs look for more than just profits in a business; they look for responsibility. They look for sustainability. These professionals know that business has the power to do enormous good for communities, society and the planet, and they’re looking for ways to achieve this while still making the profit their organisations need to survive.

Vlerick's European Executive MBA teaches entrepreneurs to embed sustainability at the heart of their businesses

“We’ve always had a very strong understanding of how business and society are linked - and we know that Europe is leading the way of sustainable business," says Marion Debruyne, the Dean of Vlerick Business School. Citing the European Green Deal, Marion says: “It pushes organisations and businesses to think about how they tackle the big challenges we see in society.”

Marion also points to the many CEOs she meets, who want to embed sustainable approaches in their businesses. “When I talk to CEOs about their top priorities, performance of course is important - but they want to combine this with a strong sense of purpose.”

“Businesses know that they are intrinsically linked with society - and they have spontaneously started to ask themselves, what is it that we contribute to society? And how do we integrate this into our strategy?”

Building sustainability into business 

In order to bring both profit and purpose to your business, sustainability has to be embedded in the core activities of the organisation and in the strategy of the company. When this happens, purpose becomes a driver of value creation.

To achieve this often means rethinking business models, attitudes and approaches to leadership. This is why Vlerick has created a unique learning experience for established and emerging leaders. Their European Executive MBA prepares leaders who want to embrace sustainability approaches and standards - and know that Europe leads the way in all things ESG.

A comprehensive look at sustainability in business

You can gain firsthand business experience in Europe's most innovative business centres with Vlerick's European Executive MBA. Participants will learn directly from top sustainable companies in a genuine business environment.

“For each module, we take immersion trips to different European cities, and all of them have a strong sustainability thread running through them. For example, when we dive into finance and accounting in our online modules, we explore sustainable finance in Paris - a city that has excelled in this area. When we look at digital transformation, we discover how digitisation can drive sustainability. It’s an approach that gives business leaders a 360 view on sustainability,” says programme director Professor Bjorn Cumps.

Travel throughout Europe

The European Executive MBA takes place over 18 months in a highly flexible, blended format, perfect for busy executives. Participants travel to Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid, and Zaragoza to experience firsthand how leading European companies embed sustainability throughout their organisations.

Through a carefully designed blend of online, on-campus and in-country learning, participants explore topics including:

  • Business and its role in society
  • Sustainable finance
  • Purposeful and resilient organisations
  • Innovative and sustainable venturing
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • EU horizons and social project

Make your business contribute to a better world

If you want to be the leader that drives business forward to make a positive contribution to society, Marion has this advice: “Come and join Vlerick’s European Executive MBA!”

Do you have any lingering questions or want to find out more about the course? Don’t hesitate to reach out - the staff at Vlerick love to hear all about their future students' plans and ambitions.



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