Why you should study in Germany with BSBI

Why you should study in Germany with BSBI


Are you interested in a stable yet rewarding career? Become a master in marketing, finance, healthcare or tourism, and ensure you thrive in today’s competitive business world, with BSBI

Global learning in an ever-shrinking world

Working in partnership with world-leading universities such as UNINETTUNO, Concordia University Chicago (CUC) and University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is a Gold Standard institution under the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF). 

Over the past year, the global pandemic has opened our eyes to how much smaller the world has been made by digital media and the internet. In the business world, freelancers can communicate with clients from other continents, while companies are successfully operating with their employees scattered around the globe. 

If you want your corporate career to flourish, you’ll need to develop business skills that allow you to take on markets around the globe. Pursuing a master’s degree in Germany from a reputed university like BSBI can be a step in the right direction. 

A master’s degree from BSBI can help you find success overseas

BSBI offers a number of extended programmes designed to help you establish a successful business or career overseas, including: 

  • The Global MBA
  • The MSc in Finance & Investment
  • The MSc in Digital Marketing
  • The MA in Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management
  • The MBA
  • The MA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • The MSc in International Health Management

After completing a programme of study at BSBI, you’ll be ready to take on the business world armed with a globally-recognised qualification that has the ability to increase your earnings potential, transform your lifestyle and provide you with international experience. 

Profit from legal advice, career services & German language courses 

Alongside its gold-standard programmes of study, BSBI also offers a number of holistic services to its students.

Together with its partners, BSBI is delighted to be able to offer free legal advice services to help you register in Germany upon your arrival. During your studies you will also have access to exclusive career services, which will help prepare you for the corporate world. 

All of BSBI’s courses are taught in English, so you can learn without worrying about a language barrier. BSBI also offers free Executive Education courses - perfect for those looking to target leadership positions - and free German language courses that are open to all students, so you can make the most of your time in Germany. 

Upon course completion, you will also have the option to apply for the 18-month post-residency permit, which will allow you to remain in the country and take advantage of the excellent work opportunities in Germany; whether you’re looking to join an inspiring start-up, or would like to be part of a global corporate giant, there’s a job waiting for you here!

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A diverse learning environment in the heart of Berlin

Located in the heart of Berlin, BSBI is a premium business school that offers a diverse learning environment along with high-quality education. Alongside your programme, you’ll have the chance to explore Berlin, the home of start-ups, big business and cultural hotspots. 

Germany is the world’s most innovative country, according to the 2020 Bloomberg Innovation Index, and the most popular option for international students looking to study in Europe. 

By the time you’ve completed your chosen programme, you’ll be able to quickly assess different markets and business models and adapt your organisation to different environments and scenarios. The course will also teach you how to effectively communicate your business needs to international stakeholders. 



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