Financial advisors, consultants and services in Germany

Financial advisors, consultants and services in Germany

If you are an expat in Germany, or if you are considering relocating in the near future, having a solid, long-term financial plan is very important. It is therefore worthwhile to seek reliable financial advice, in addition to consulting with a tax advisor and a mortgage broker.

If you’re seeking financial advice for the first time, take a look at our list of expat-friendly, dependable financial consultants below. They all have a number of services and products to offer to internationals, including pension and retirement planning, wealth and asset management, investments, tax advice and financial advice about issues such as BREXIT and FATCA.

  • Beacon Global Advisors helps educate and advise US Expats and US connected individuals throughout the world on efficient investment practices, and provides financial advisory services aimed at helping to navigate the complexities of US portfolio management while abroad.

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  • Fundsback has one primary mission – to help people place their claims with the German pension insurance and receive any refunds for which they are eligible. If you want to start now, please go to our Pensioncheck link.

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  • We are an independent investment advisory firm licensed & regulated across Europe. We are Europe’s first truly independent investment advisory firm dedicated to the specific needs of expats & international professionals. We provide expert goal-based financial planning, investment and retirement advice specific to your needs. We are expats too.

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  • I am a financial advisor, certified by the Institute for Market Studies (IEB) in Madrid, Spain. I can assist you in Spanish, German and English. I help my clients manage and plan their retirement, savings, insurances and investments in Germany. Relocation is not an easy path, so knowing the social regulations, necessary insurances, credits or subsidies from the German state is essential.

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  • Join our community of expat clients looking for digital, holistic, multilingual financial planning. We cater to professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, and families on topics such as insurances, wealth management, real estate, investments, corporate solutions, and more. Because financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege.

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  • Horizon65 is a fintech and a truly independent financial advisor focussed on long-term investment options in Germany. They are working on launching their own Pan-European pension plan (PEPP) leveraging the latest EU regulations and have helped many expats with their financial planning.

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  • Investments should not feel like a foreign language. At Investors Abroad we show expats simple ways to manage their finances, switch from a consumer to an investor mindset and make long-term investing a priority. If you want to learn how to invest your money on your own, then you're in the right place.

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  • Is your go-to place for women who are looking for competent advice and solutions that brings them closer to their financial goals. From women for women we workshop, consult and support you on your unique carefree retirement planning, saving plans and insurance options in Germany.

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  • Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie have specialized in advising expats on insurance and finance since 2005. Knowing that most, if not all, issues in finance are interconnected it's important for us to be a true partner for a client, as an independent financial advisor should be and it's essential to cover the full scope of required services – the entire 360° of finance and insurance.

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