Fundsback: The expat’s digital gateway to German pensions

Fundsback: The expat’s digital gateway to German pensions


Let’s start with a few questions:

  • Have you worked in Germany?
  • Are you non-European?
  • Are you currently living outside of Europe?

If your answer to all three was, “Yes”, then the following questions are really important:

Are you aware that, out of your salary, you have automatically paid contributions into the German Pension Insurance (DRV) every month?

Did you know that these pension insurance contributions are paid into your personal DRV account and are available for you there?

Do you know what you can do with your pension insurance contributions and how you can access the money?

Manage your German pension with Fundsback

Fundsback is a unique digital service that helps expats who have moved away from Germany manage their German pensions. Expats can choose from three different services:

Fundsback customers get a refund of 6.967 euros, on average

But perhaps the most important service Fundsback offers is their Pensioncheck service – an invaluable first step to check everything’s in order with your German pension account.

What is the Pensioncheck service?

If you make use of Fundsback’s Pensioncheck service, they will make sure that all of the contributions paid automatically out of your salary have been credited by your employer to your DRV account. Your data will be used to check your insurance periods for plausibility. Within a few days, Fundsback will create a detailed overview of your claims against DRV based on your stored wage / salary data.

Then, taking into account the current legal requirements and various bilateral state agreements, Fundsback will recommend which follow-up service is right for you: either a refund, a regular pension benefit, or a pension boost.

All of this makes the Pensioncheck the best product for all expats who have worked in Germany. Best of all – it’s completely free of charge!

Who uses Fundsback’s Pensioncheck services?

98% of Fundsback customers would recommend them.

Fundsback’s happy customers are a mixed bunch, including IT specialists from India and Hong Kong; professional footballers from Brazil, Ghana, Peru, Japan, USA and Argentina; commercial employees and engineers from South America and Australia; professional basketball players from Canada and the USA; and many more!

Here’s what some of their customers have to say about them:

rosanna tam


“Thank you very much to the Fundsback team. I can warmly recommend your service.”

- Rosanna Tam, IT Specialist, Hong Kong




"Thanks Fundsback and thumbs up for the great service and your support.”

- Cesar de Sousa, Professional Soccer Player, Brazil



What are the advantages of Fundsback’s Pensioncheck and follow-up services?

Fundsback’s services all offer:

  • Maximum time savings through digital processing and minimal paperwork
  • Best legal protection with law firm involvement
  • Transparency through simple and customer-friendly rates
  • Quickest service thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Minimisation of bureaucratic hurdles through direct contact with the DRV
  • Free pension check!

Start now by checking your pension claims against the DRV, completely free of charge.



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