Germany to reopen borders by June 15

Germany to reopen borders by June 15

Germany to reopen borders by June 15

Germany announced on Wednesday that it would begin relaxing border controls with at least three countries at the weekend, with the aim of completely reopening its borders by June 15. 

Border controls easing around Germany

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that Germany had “set the clear goal of free travel in Europe by mid-June” and would begin easing border controls this week. 

The border with Luxembourg will be completely reopened by Saturday and restrictions on border crossings between Germany and Austria, Switzerland and France will be eased to allow for business trips and family visits. 

While some border controls will remain in place, all border crossings will be reopened, rather than selected ones, and only random checks will be carried out, to speed up traffic. These measures were agreed upon during bilateral negotiations this week. 

EU cautiously begins to open internal borders

The plan is to have unrestricted crossings between Germany and these neighbouring countries by June 15, provided the coronavirus outbreak remains under control. Seehofer emphasised that the total opening of borders “depends on our continuing to do our all to fight the infection.” 

While Germany’s worldwide travel warning will remain in place until at least June 15, travel regulations are beginning to ease across the continent. On Wednesday, the European Commission urged EU member states to reopen internal borders between countries with comparable health situations, just as Austria announced it would open its border with Germany on June 15



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NicolasMldnd2 11:26 | 14 May 2020

Hello, I'd like to know how family visits will be categorized, and which documents are going to be required in order to confirm it. Does this apply only to inmediate family members or other relatives? Where can I find more information regarding that? Thanks in advance.