Getsafe: A hidden gem for expats in need of insurance in Germany

Getsafe: A hidden gem for expats in need of insurance in Germany


Did coming to Germany make you realise how much valuable stuff you own? The standard of living here is high, and the large number of insurance policies sold proved it. Sometimes it seems like almost every German person has an insurance story to tell, and expats are often told to get liability and home contents insurance as soon as possible. 

Insurance in Germany isn’t an easy topic - to begin with

Get insurance in minutes - in English - with Getsafe

But the search for insurance policies isn’t always easy, especially if you’re from a country that isn’t as insurance-literate as Germany. Even though Germans are pretty well-versed English speakers, researching insurance policies as a beginner learner of the German language is hard.

Either the websites can’t be properly translated, or communicating with relevant contacts is surprisingly difficult - especially since Germany is in many ways a modern and globally-oriented country. If you’re feeling uneasy about signing off on an insurance contract without really understanding the fine print, you’re not alone. 

Getsafe - Get yourself insured in a matter of minutes

This is where the mobile insurer Getsafe acts as a great solution. They offer their professional services in English as well as in German - just check out the reviews in English for proof! 


Getsafe is still a young company, but it’s an absolute hidden gem. 

As a mobile insurer, Getsafe allows you to buy, manage and adapt all of your insurance policies in a single app. Every step in the process of acquiring an insurance policy is clearly mapped out. No ambiguities, no language barrier. Even their chatbot is in English. 

Digital insurance designed with expats in mind

If you’re comfortable with doing all things digitally, Getsafe makes life easy: everything can be done via the app, from taking out an insurance policy and managing your paperwork, to making and tracking a claim. Getsafe coverage is also super flexible, meaning you can cancel your policy at any time, without additional fees and administrative costs. 

And if you’d prefer to actually talk to a human being, no problem! Getsafe’s friendly customer service team is available throughout the week to help you with your requests - in English. 

Getsafe offers a variety of insurance products, allowing you to mix-and-match to create tailored insurance coverage that’s right for you. Starting from just 3,60 euros per month, Getsafe offers: 

Each product can also be adapted with extensions and add-ons to meet your exact needs.

For people who haven’t dealt with insurance in Germany (or ever), they also offer a number of interesting and useful articles, explaining how various insurance policies work, which policies cover which eventualities, and so on. You don’t even have to buy a policy to access all of this information - making Getsafe a veritable goldmine of useful information.  316454fe-e3aa-11eb-b74c-008cfa04491c.jpeg

Get started with Getsafe

With more than 200.000 customers, Getsafe is the #1 insurance app in Germany. Get your insurance coverage in a matter of minutes by downloading the app or checking out Getsafe’s prices.



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