Horbach Munich for Expats: Your ticket to financial freedom

Horbach Munich for Expats: Your ticket to financial freedom


Horbach Munich for Expats: Your ticket to financial freedom

As an expat in Germany, are you:

  • Lost in the vast landscape of insurances and financial possibilities in Germany?
  • Tired of running from one contact person to the next and still never getting comprehensive answers?
  • Annoyed with agents who try to bend your wishes to sell their products?

The good news is there’s a solution that is not just expat-friendly, but expat-specific: Horbach Munich Expats Team, an independent financial consultancy!

Financial planning to reach your goals - even when leaving Germany

An independent financial consultation for expats – what does that look like?

In cost-free (online) sessions, the consultant of your choice will not only answer all your financial questions, but even work with you to create a roadmap that supports your goals. This includes:

  • Personal cashflow: Your financial status quo and optimisations
  • Insurances: Must-haves as well as a cost-free check-up on your existing ones
  • Mid-term investment: Market-dependent and -independent mid-term solutions
  • Long-term investment: Flexible wealth building, tax optimisation and subsidies
  • Analysis: Your investment mentality and plans
  • Support: Market-independent recommendations and personal contact year-round

Learn how you can build wealth in Germany - not despite being an expat, but because of it.

5 reasons to join a Horbach session

Need more convincing? Here’s five reasons why a Horbach consultation is worth it:

1. This is about YOU

Financial planning concerns everyone - waiting only limits your choices. Planning is just as relevant, if not more so, for young professionals and students - not only for those in the prime of their careers who want to create a safe nest for their (grand-) children.  

No matter whether you’re interested in providing a home for your family, building a career or living all across the world - this is about your personal life situation, your expat status and your plans.

2. Profit from independent long-term expertise

The Horbach Expats Team follows the market independent philosophy of Horbach GmbH, a market leader in Germany with over 37 years of experience. There are no “in-house” products, meaning that you gain independent advice on verified options tailored to your needs – which are never altered to fit a product.

To bind it all together, Horbach Expats Team provides you with a vast variety of webinars with insider tips on essential topics.

3. Get expat-specific answers

How is your pension in Germany affected by working outside of Europe? Why do your country of origin and your profession affect your wealth building options? Why do you have to work here for five years before you can get a pension?

For each and every one of your questions, there is an answer. Horbach’s consultants make sure you know about all viable options that fit your flexible lifestyle.

4. Founded by immigrants for immigrants

Most of Horbach’s team members have an immigration background, and so they know that changing countries is already hard enough. Finances really should not be. And that is why they have decided to specialise in supporting expats: to make sure you get to financial freedom easier.

5. Use corona cleverly

With social distancing still defining our lives, you can get help on all these issues from the comfort of your home or from afar. Bonus: you can learn how to profit financially from the virus. Did you know it can positively affect your pension planning?

Online events by Horbach

Horbach often hosts events for expats. Head on over to the event page of the recent pension planning event to get an insight on the types of online events that Horbach organises.

So - where's the catch?

It takes just minutes of your time to invest in your financial future. Are you ready to alter the way you go about your finances for the rest of your life?

To get cost-free support right away, check out the options below:



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