Restrictions for vaccinated people in Germany to be eased this weekend

Restrictions for vaccinated people in Germany to be eased this weekend

Restrictions for vaccinated people in Germany to be eased this weekend

The Bundesrat has agreed: numerous coronavirus restrictions will be eased for fully-vaccinated and recovered people. But not everybody is pleased about the change.

Restrictions could be eased for vaccinated people this weekend

A new regulation providing for more freedoms for those who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus or recovered from the disease in the last six months has been given the Bundesrat’s approval. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier now only needs to sign the ordinance into force, meaning it could apply as soon as the weekend. 

According to the new regulation, contact restrictions and the curfew will no longer apply to vaccinated and recovered individuals. They will also be treated the same as those with negative coronavirus tests for the purposes of, for example, going shopping, to the zoo or to the hairdresser, and they will not have to quarantine after travelling, unless they are returning from a so-called virus variant area. 

In terms of proof, vaccinated people can easily demonstrate that they have received both jabs with their vaccination record, but things are a little more complicated for people who have recovered from the disease. You will need to be able to present a positive PCR test that is at least 28 days and a maximum of six months old - the maximum amount of time for which sufficient immune protection can currently be assumed. 

55 percent in favour of the change; 40 percent against

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht has described the returning of fundamental rights to vaccinated and recovered individuals as an “important step”, but not everybody apparently sees it that way. According to a recent ARD survey, 40 percent of respondents said that it was fundamentally wrong to ease restrictions only for vaccinated or recovered people. 55 percent were in favour. 

Germany’s population is also divided on the issue of timing: of those in favour of easing, 48 percent think it is correct that the repeal should apply immediately. However, 51 percent are of the opinion that the freedoms should only take effect when more people have had the chance to get themselves vaccinated against coronavirus. 



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