Share your experience of expat life in Germany to get free financial advice

Share your experience of expat life in Germany to get free financial advice


Share your experience of expat life in Germany to get free financial advice

Sometimes things need to change. Either we wait until someone gets it done, or we take it upon ourselves to do better. That’s the decision the HORBACH Expats team had to make when they began a new way of consulting within a German company. 

Help HORBACH help you by filling out their expat survey

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As three expats, the HORBACH Expats team knows first-hand how difficult it is to navigate financial topics, how it is a privilege to receive tailored advice or even have access to information at all. So they decided to change that and provide the services they would have liked and needed. 

Flash forward to 2021, and HORBACH’s parent company, Swiss Life Deutschland - the biggest financial advisory service provider in Europe, catering to over one million clients - has at last recognised expats as a target client group. This is a collectively-achieved change, made possible by each and every one of HORBACH’s clients, as well as their business partners. 

Now you can do one more bit to help HORBACH help you. They want to know more about your experiences in Germany, and what more they can do to help. 

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Participate in the expat survey

In partnership with IamExpat, HORBACH & Swiss Life Deutschland are conducting a survey to learn more about you - the expat target group - who has helped create a quality service that is transforming the industry Germany-wide. 

HORBACH wants to know more about your journey to Germany, how you found settling in, and if you had access to proper financial advice - given that this is one of the most important areas of knowledge for an expat to have. 

In return, all survey respondents will be entitled to a cost-free session with a qualified and experienced financial consultant, in which they can receive expert, tailored advice on pensions, investments, future planning and other financial queries. 

Should you be interested and want to share your journey, HORBACH and Swiss Life Deutschland would be incredibly grateful to hear any experiences. It will take you less than 10 minutes and you’re free to write in either German, English or Spanish

You can find out more about HORBACH Expats on their website or take part in the survey via this link

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