Vivid Money: Grow, manage, and protect your money in one place

Vivid Money: Grow, manage, and protect your money in one place


Vivid Money: Grow, manage, and protect your money in one place

Consider this for a moment: every time you make a purchase in a store, shop online or take out cash, you use your card - but no one is paying you for that.

By keeping your money in a bank, you are actually losing it.

In fact, it’s the other way around. You are paying card fees, commission and other charges. Even if you leave your money in a savings account instead of spending it, you are faced with zero and sometimes even negative interest rates. By keeping your money in a bank, you are actually losing it.

Vivid Money wants to turn this around.

Learning to grow with Vivid Money

Vivid Money is a new, unique banking app that allows you to manage payments, transfers, high-interest savings accounts and multi-currency accounts all in one place – making managing your finances and investing your money easy, flexible and transparent. Vivid customers get full control over their money and actually earn from their spending and holdings.

vivid pockets and cards

The idea at the heart of Vivid Money is that keeping your money safe and learning how to make it grow shouldn’t be something for just a few lucky ones. For most of us, the word “finance” sounds scary, but Vivid Money has been created precisely with the aim of making managing your finances approachable, easy and safe for all.

Here’s what they offer.

Track and organise your money

Vivid Money makes it possible to track your savings, keep your subscriptions under control and limit your spending for certain categories. The built-in organiser helps you monitor your income and spending at a glance, and even get detailed analytics and insights.

vivid money spending

And to make sure your money is safe and well-organised, you can put your money in separate pockets for different purposes: utilities, travel money, subscriptions and much more. With the Vivid Standard Plan, you can create up to 15 different pockets for free, each with its own IBAN.

Grow your money with unique cashback offers

vivid money pocketsSimply by using your Vivid Money card, you can earn up to 20 euros per month with the Vivid cashback programme, which offers up to 10% cashback on all your purchases. Your cashback is stored in your Stock Reward Pocket and grows according to the performance of your chosen company stocks. You can withdraw your rewards in cash or spend them as you wish.

There are also regular cashback offers for a wide range of selected brands. Whether you are watching Netflix, playing Playstation, riding with FlixBus or shopping at Aldi, Lidl or many others, you can grow your rewards and get up to 10% cashback.

vivid money foreign currencySave money while travelling

Whether you are a passionate traveller or simply can’t wait to be able to visit friends and family again, Vivid Money offers travellers a few great advantages. You can save money on fees while travelling by converting currencies directly within the Vivid app: spend money in 150 currencies without fees and exchange it into about 100 currencies at no extra cost. You can also pay anywhere in the world at a live currency exchange rate with low flat markup. Plus, the Vivid Money account lets you withdraw up to 1.000 euros a month for free, no matter where in the world you are.

Getting started

It takes less than 10 minutes to open a Vivid Money bank account and about two days to receive a free metal Visa Debit card. Ready to give it a go?



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