WorldRemit: A better way to send money abroad

WorldRemit: A better way to send money abroad


WorldRemit: A better way to send money abroad

Whether you want to transfer money from your old bank account to your German one, or send money to family and friends back home, sooner or later every expat needs to make a transfer. While many conventional banks offer this service, it can be slow and complicated - and it sure doesn’t come cheap. 

This was the problem faced by Ismail Ahmed, the founder of WorldRemit. Experiencing first-hand just how difficult it was to send money home, he created WorldRemit to give people a better way to transfer money abroad. 

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WorldRemit: A fast and secure way to send money on the go

WorldRemit makes international money transfers fast, simple and secure. You can make transfers to more than 130 countries worldwide, in just a matter of minutes, using either the website, your laptop or the WorldRemit app on your phone.

Registering could not be easier. Simply enter your details and choose a password. Once you have been verified, you can set up your first transfer. Choose your amount, how you want to send it, and who you want to send it to - and it’ll be on its way in minutes. You can pay for your transfer with a variety of options, including credit, debit and prepaid cards, bank transfer, Klarna, Apple Pay, Trustly and iDEAL.  

Choose from three ways to send money online

WorldRemit has made it easy for customers to send money to their family and friends by offering a variety of options for sending transfers to loved ones overseas, including bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile money:

Bank transfer

A bank transfer is an electronic payment, sent directly from your bank account to another account. With WorldRemit, you can send money to family or friends’ bank accounts all over the world. You just need the recipient’s details and bank details. 

Cash pickup

You can also use WorldRemit to send cash pickup transfers, a kind of payment that your recipient can collect as cash from a supported location within WorldRemit’s partner network. 

Mobile money

Mobile money is an electronic wallet service that allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phones. If you send money via WorldRemit’s mobile money service, your recipient will be able to purchase items in shops or online, pay bills, top-up their mobile phones, or perhaps even withdraw the money as cash. 

Why choose WorldRemit?

With over 125.000 five-star reviews, WorldRemit’s satisfied customers are a great testimony that your money is in safe hands. Over the past 10 years, the company has expanded to serve 5,7 million customers in 130 countries, using 70 different currencies. 

Here are three major reasons why so many people trust WorldRemit with their money: 

It’s fast

95 percent of transfers made via WorldRemit are ready within five minutes. In many cases, your family and friends will receive the money instantly. 

It’s safe

WorldRemit uses industry-leading technology to protect your money and guarantee it arrives safely, so you can transfer with peace of mind. Plus, they’re licensed by government regulators globally. 

It’s low-cost

Take advantage of better exchange rates and lower fees than offered by most conventional banks and money transfer services. WorldRemit is always transparent and highlights any fees charged before you complete the payment. 

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