Coronavirus: German supermarkets to pay their workers bonuses

Coronavirus: German supermarkets to pay their workers bonuses

The hard work done by doctors and hospitals amidst this ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been receiving some well-deserved recognition, but they are not the only heroes. Now supermarket employees, who have been working round the clock to keep the country running, are due to be rewarded with a special bonus.  

Special bonus for supermarket workers in Germany

The supermarket Rewe (and its subsidiary Penny) has decided to give bonuses to employees who have carried on working – despite the risk of infection – throughout the coronavirus pandemic by stacking shelves, fielding panic buyers, and keeping everyone well-stocked with food and other essential items. 

The bonus will be paid to the employees as extra credit on their employee cards, effectively making it tax-free. The amount each employee will receive depends on the nature of their work and their working hours.

Aldi Süd also contemplating employee bonus

Rewe is not the only company showing appreciation of its employees. Employees of the discount supermarket chain Aldi Süd may also soon be able to look forward to a bonus. "We are currently thinking about how we can show our employees how appreciated they are," a company spokesperson said.

These past few weeks have been difficult for supermarkets and their employees as panic-stricken shoppers stripped shelves of toilet roll, hand soap and non-perishable food items. However, last week witnessed a noticeable decrease in this initial shopping craze, giving the supermarkets a moment to take a breather and restock their shelves.

Naina Pottamkulam


Naina Pottamkulam



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Kerrie Jenkins 20:52 | 29 March 2020

Hard work? Just serving people as usual, but with gloves.... how about cleaners? Doing 9 to 13 hr days, 6 days a week, cleaning !!!