The pros and cons of working in Germany as an expat

The pros and cons of working in Germany as an expat

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Considering a move to Germany but want to know all the facts before you make your final decision? AGS Movers Germany weighs up the pros and cons of working in Germany as an expat. 

Working as an expat in Germany offers a thrilling blend of professional advancement and personal enrichment. You'll soon find yourself immersed in a new language, a diverse melting pot of cultures, and a strong economy with fantastic opportunities for workers. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before taking the huge step that is moving to a new country. Let's explore the upsides and downsides of working in Germany as an expat.

Pros: Benefits of working in Germany

Here are some, but by no means all, of the benefits working in Germany offers to expats. 

Professional development and access to excellent job opportunities

Working in Germany as an expat offers the opportunity for remarkable career growth. You’ll be exposed to diverse cultures, become fluent in German, cultivate an extensive professional network, and emerge as a truly multifaceted professional. 

What’s more, the German job market is dynamic, with vacancies in almost every sector. Faced with a shortage of local workers, German companies have been forced to recruit abroad. Competition for international talent is fierce, so many employers offer alluring compensation packages as a way of attracting top candidates.

A diverse work environment

As an expat in Germany, you can expect to interact with individuals from all corners of the world. You’ll enjoy meaningful conversations and new perspectives that are hard to find in your home country, not to mention forge connections that were once unimaginable. 

German culture is embedded in excellence and the German people are known worldwide for their diligent work ethic and dedication to quality - this means you can expect high levels of professionalism from your colleagues and superiors.

Embracing the work-life balance

When they’re not at work, Germans prioritise leisure activities. In your free time, you’ll have every opportunity to experience the country’s rich culture and indulge in your favourite pastimes, enjoy invigorating hikes, or wander through the country’s ancient cities as you unravel their history.

Robust social safety net

Working in Germany gives you access to an inclusive and resilient social safety net that encompasses a broad range of benefits, including complimentary healthcare. If you live and work in Germany long enough, you’ll also get access to unemployment insurance and childcare subsidies. These comprehensive provisions make Germany an ideal destination if you prioritise security and stability.

Cons: Drawbacks to consider

Here are a few downsides to life in Germany that you should take into consideration:

Potential language and cultural barriers

As a new expat, it will take you some time to master the German language and feel at home in German culture. This is completely normal. But it does leave room for miscommunication or misunderstandings with your colleagues or employer. Even if you are proficient in German, cultural differences can pose obstacles to understanding local customs related to work responsibilities or expectations. 


Many expats report feeling lonely during the first few months in their new country. To combat isolation, it’s important to make new friends with locals and other expats. Volunteering, joining a club, or participating in community activities will help you form new relationships and build a social network to replace the one you left behind.

Slow bureaucracy

Germany is a popular destination for migrants, and the German foreign authority is therefore swamped with applications from people all over the world who are looking to build a new life in Europe’s biggest economy. Unfortunately, this means your application will take time to process - it may even take longer than expected - so it’s best to come prepared with a healthy dose of patience. 

While working in Germany offers numerous exciting opportunities, it’s essential to consider the potential hurdles of what could be a life-changing move. Forewarned is forearmed, and knowledge of pros and cons will pave the way for a smoother transition to life as a German expat. AGS Movers Germany can assist you with every step of your move to Germany, from start to finish. Get your free quote today!



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