Switch to a career in data science or data analytics with neue fische

Switch to a career in data science or data analytics with neue fische


Have you been considering a career change but too scared to make the jump? Have you always wanted a job in data science or data analytics? Now’s your chance to kickstart your new career with a bootcamp course from neue fische

The neue fische school has been offering English-speaking bootcamps since September 2020. Since then, they’ve had over 100 people graduate from their Data Science and Data Analytics courses, and over 70 percent of their graduates have successfully transitioned to a data career. 

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Introducing: neue fische School and Pool for Digital Talent

neue fische School and Pool for Digital Talent is one of the first bootcamp providers in Germany, started in Hamburg in 2018 by CEO / founder Dalia Das. 

For the last two years, all neue fische classes have been remote. This switch to remote learning actually turned into a positive at neue fische, as it made it possible to enrol more students from further afield, with people now attending from all over Germany. The same goes for coaches: the English-language data bootcamps are run by an international team with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in both industry and academia. 

Where can a career in data take you?

Who are Data Science and Data Analytics students and where do they go after bootcamp? neue fische students come from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life, including people trained in HR, product design, social studies, and academia. Some are following carefully-crafted career plans, and some have been forced by circumstances to change their careers. 

The jobs they head to after bootcamp are very diverse, ranging from junior positions to project leads, managers and even company directors! Less than 10 percent of neue fische graduates have ended up in junior positions, as during their studies students learn how to leverage their past experiences during a career transition.

 An impressive 70 percent of neue fische bootcamp graduates manage to transition to jobs in data. Another 20 percent head back to their previous industries but take on higher-level roles than before the bootcamp. The rest go into research or academia.  data science cloud

And since neue fische offers great career prospects like these, course fees are financed fully by the German employment agency or partially via organisations like chancen-eg. 

More than just tech skills: Preparing for a career in data

neue fische bootcamps are 12 weeks of intensive learning and team project work. The course is split into eight weeks of theoretical and practical lectures, followed by four weeks in which the students work in teams on real-world data. Sometimes that data comes from neue fische partner companies who then act as business stakeholders. 

Students learn much more besides lessons in Python, Git, terminal, machine learning, forecasting, dashboarding, and so on. Working in a data team requires a lot of communication with team members, other teams or stakeholders. Data science is such a broad domain that it needs a full team effort. And successful data-driven companies value diversity and require candidates that are collaborative. 

This is the reason why neue fische data science and data analytics students spend most of their practical time in pair programming, learning together, and working in agile teams. 

Learn more about neue fische bootcamps

If you’re interested in learning more about the school and the data science and data analytics bootcamps, you can visit the neue fische website or reach out to the student service team via email.



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