From unemployed to a job in tech - with StartSteps

From unemployed to a job in tech - with StartSteps


Considering a job in tech? Or simply looking to upskill to the skills of the future? StartSteps is a fully-funded educational pathway, financed by the Agentur für Arbeit, for those registered as unemployed in Germany. 

StartSteps’ free orientation courses - available in both English and German - cover a range of digital topics and career paths, so you can test out your skills and interests and find what suits you best, before jumping into a longer course. 

Decide which digital career path is for you! 

Every person and every career path is different, so StartSteps is designed to reflect that. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, they offer you the chance to sample a range of different skills so that you feel empowered to decide where your education will take you. 

In the space of one month, you will discover which digital career is best suited to you. StartSteps will then place you in further specialised training with one of their 30+ career boot camp partners in Germany. 

You can join the course online or in person. A laptop is sent to your door on day one, letting you kickstart your journey to your dream job in tech with one of StartSteps’ two orientation courses, which require no previous skills or experience. You simply need to be able to speak English or German (to a minimum B2 Level) and be registered as unemployed at your local job centre.

Compass Course with StartSteps

  • Not sure which digital skill to learn? 
  • Not sure what tech career is best for you? 
  • Unsure if coding is for you? 
  • Want to understand a few digital topic areas?

The StartSteps Compass Course is a 22-day full-time orientation class, the perfect introduction to a range of digital skills and jobs. Get your hands dirty learning Web Development, UX / UI Design, Data and Online Marketing. 

By the time you finish this intensive course, you can expect to come away with a range of practical skills as well as industry soft skills. You’ll be well-equipped to continue your studies at one of StartSteps’ 30 partner boot camps and schools, where you can specialise in the field of your choice and prepare to move into the job market. 

Classes start monthly and are offered both online and in-person. Apply today!

startsteps course

Mentor Course with StartSteps

  • Want to polish your coding skills for a new job? 
  • Need a prep course for a career boot camp?
  • Want to learn the basics of digital marketing?
  • Want to learn with your own private tutor, instead of in a class setting?
  • Need a part-time course? 

Tech:Mentor is your private introduction to the world of tech jobs and training boot camps. Pick a topic area and start training with your own teacher, doing a few hours each week. 

Benefit from one-on-one training, on a digital skill of your choice: 

  • Online marketing 
  • Coding 
  • Data
  • Project management
  • IT / Cloud Computing
  • UX / UI Design

35 hours in total training is the perfect amount to get you ready for a career boot camp, or to supercharge your CV. Set your own learning goals, and begin from any previous level. You can apply online via the StartSteps website.

startsteps orientation course

Get funding to pursue a new career in tech

Did you know that in Germany you could be eligible for over 10.000 euros of financial support from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit to pursue a new career in tech?

If you or someone you know is considering a transition, it’s time to take the first step. You’re not alone in navigating this shifting world-scape; with StartSteps’ help, you can tap into the wide and opportunity-filled tech ecosystem we know and love. Change doesn’t have to be daunting if your footsteps are guided by the right compass. 

Working with the German Federal Employment Agency, StartSteps make learning digital skills as accessible as possible - allowing all to future proof themselves for the demands of the future job markets. 

Sign up today and receive a free consultation call with one of their team members, who can coach you through the process of getting a voucher from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit for a StartSteps orientation course and for the specialised boot camp course which follows. 



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