5 key reasons to choose an international education at BBIS

5 key reasons to choose an international education at BBIS


Looking for an outstanding international school within reach of Berlin and Potsdam? Here are five reasons why BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School should be at the top of your list.

1. An internationally accredited curriculum 

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School offers the world-leading International  Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum across the Primary, Middle and Diploma years of schooling to students aged 3-19. With an average teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7, their small class sizes ensure every student receives exceptional support throughout their learning journey. All of their regular classes are taught in English. 

In the upper years, the school’s IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) meets the academic rigour expected of renowned universities across the globe, while also offering invaluable experience in community service. This programme, for students aged 16-19, prepares students for life beyond BBIS - with BBIS students proudly accepted at top tier universities in Germany, across Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as in North America and Asia. 

In 2023, BBIS students' average IB Diploma score was 34 points, surpassing the global average of 30,24 points and reflecting outstanding dedication.

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2. Fostering pioneering global citizens 

As well as delivering the IB curriculum, BBIS is committed to helping students develop invaluable lifelong skills like critical thinking, languages and intercultural competencies. BBIS also offers a huge range of extra-curricular activities. All of this combines to encourage every student to pursue their passions, be courageous and explore new opportunities. 

In all that they do, BBIS actively develops tomorrow’s global citizens - people who will make a positive impact on a local and global scale. 

BBIS’ mission is to inspire everyone in their learning community to be responsible, compassionate global citizens who make a difference through inclusion, innovation and action.

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3. A supportive learning environment 

BBIS is committed to making sure every student feels understood, challenged and included. In close collaboration with staff, students and parents, the Student Support Services provide guidance, coaching, resources and interventions when needed. BBIS celebrates diversity and inclusion - acknowledging and embracing the fact that students all learn differently. 

The Student Support Services team at BBIS specialises in helping students to overcome barriers to learning that may exist due to a range of circumstances like language, learning, health, behaviour or social / emotional needs. Equally, they support students who strive for academic, social, emotional, artistic and athletic excellence. 

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4. A truly international community 

The sense of community at BBIS is truly vibrant. With their students hailing from more than 70 countries, the school welcomes families from all around the world and encourages them to take an active role in the school community. 

A pivotal force behind this sense of togetherness is the BBIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which plays an integral role in fostering school spirit and cooperation, and enriching student experiences. 

BBIS’ 208 staff members reflect their global community, too. Coming from over 34 countries, they each bring diverse perspectives and invaluable skills to the school. The school is proud of the inclusive, innovative, and active people who contribute to the BBIS community. 

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5. World-class learning facilities 

BBIS is situated on a spacious and peaceful 360.000-square-metre campus in a forested area on the southwest border of Berlin. It truly is the ideal setting for growth and discovery. 

Spread across five buildings, the classrooms are modern, comfortable and well-equipped to cater for a broad range of learning needs. The outstanding sports facilities include a full-size artificial-turf field and a multipurpose sports hall, both of which have helped BBIS to host German national, European and international sporting tournaments.

Ideally situated in the centre of campus, the BBIS Boarding house is a comfortable and nurturing environment which supports the personal and academic growth of the 80 boarding students from across the globe, who have joined BBIS for Grades 9 to 12 of schooling.

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Learn more about BBIS 

If you would like to find out more about BBIS and the education they offer, the friendly admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about studying with them. 

A great first step - if you live close enough to the campus - is to come on a private guided tour. This will give you the first-hand opportunity to get to know BBIS, the students and the exceptional facilities. You can book a tour online

BBIS also holds regular Q&A video chats with the principals, head of boarding school and admissions team. This is your opportunity to ask questions about anything - from the IB curriculum and the admissions process to student life at BBIS. 

BBIS looks forward to meeting you soon.



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