ISF International School: Where cultural diversity is celebrated

ISF International School: Where cultural diversity is celebrated


Join a thriving international community at the ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main, a private school committed to fostering global awareness and cultural diversity. ISF takes its 800 students - representing 42 different nationalities - from Kindergarten through to Grade 12, providing a world-class education and equipping them with the skills and experience to become well-rounded global citizens. 

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About International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Recognised as a top provider of quality education in Germany, ISF aims to help all students achieve their full potential, preparing them for success in further education and strengthening their social values. 

ISF is situated on a beautiful campus full of state-of-the-art facilities, including an artificial sports field, a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool, and two outdoor tennis courts. Also on campus are three separate playgrounds, specialised art and music rooms, computer science rooms, a school theatre, three well-equipped laboratories, and a double-level library. All classrooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards. 

isf swimming pool

The ISF curriculum

Academic excellence is at the core of the ISF education. Students receive a world-class education in a vibrant, inclusive international community, where they are challenged, encouraged, empowered and prepared for success with the SABIS® Educational System™.

The curriculum covers a broad range of academic subjects, enabling students to develop fluency in English, German and an additional language of their choice. Strong emphasis is also placed on English, maths and sciences, while other subjects like music, fine arts, psychology and computer studies are also integrated into the curriculum. 

isf science class

Beyond academic skills, ISF nurtures leadership, critical thinking, communication, creativity, teamwork and other practical life skills with a robust offering of extracurricular activities, clubs, events, trips, summer camps, and community service projects.

The SABIS Student Life Organization® is a student-led mini-society that empowers students to get involved in the day-to-day experience at their school, offering countless academic, social and emotional benefits for everyone involved.

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Celebrating diversity at the ISF International Day

This commitment to cultural diversity, inclusivity and student enrichment was recently demonstrated at the school’s International Day, held on October 14, 2023, when over 200 families and distinguished guests from around the world came together to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the ISF community. 

The day commenced with a vibrant Parade of Nations, where students waved flags from their respective countries. After that, families and students had the opportunity to explore "focus country rooms" that were designed to provide an immersive cultural experience, allowing visitors to delve into the customs, traditions, and flavours of the countries represented at ISF.

isf country profiles

A range of different sporting activities also took place throughout the day, demonstrating the power of sports to bring people together across borders. Over in the school theatre, students, parents and staff showcased their skills and celebrated cultural fusion in a stage show of music, dance and drama. Overall, the day was a resounding success. 

stage programme international day isf

Contact the ISF admissions team

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main strives to highlight the importance of understanding and appreciating the diversity of cultures that enrich our lives, offering a genuinely international environment for all its students and families, while the curriculum emphasises the need for a global mindset in today’s interconnected world. 

If you’re interested in joining a community that fosters unity, cultural exchange and global awareness, contact the ISF admissions office to arrange a school visit. 



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