Learn German the way it’s spoken in real life with Babbel’s award-winning app

Learn German the way it’s spoken in real life with Babbel’s award-winning app


Haven’t quite got the hang of your German lessons? Struggling with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation? Meet Babbel: the world’s leading language learning app. Explore a whole kit of effective learning methods developed by real teachers and over 200 language experts with one simple goal: teaching you German in context so you can apply it confidently in real life. 

Learning based on real-life conversations

Say "Auf Wiedersehen!" to traditional, boring grammar courses. Babbel’s award-winning app lessons will teach you German you can use in “real-life” conversations. From casual chit chat to essential phrases for everyday scenarios, the lessons are designed to equip you with the language skills that matter most. 

You’ll learn all about vocabulary through dialogue prompts, and you’ll also hear and repeat German as it’s spoken by locals - not by textbooks. This way you’ll get acquainted with cultural topics and pick up the German conversational style more naturally.

Tailored, personal guidance

Here's where Babbel takes language learning to a whole new level: personalisation. Did you know you can join live, online classes that are taught by world-class teachers? It’s like having your very own language coach. Babbel coaches guide you, provide a safe space in which to practise speaking, answer any questions you have about the language you’re learning, and provide personalised feedback - ensuring you progress at a pace that suits you. 

Babbel’s app lessons are crafted by expats like you, with expats like you in mind. Want to learn the best way to strike up a chat with your German neighbours? Babbel's got specific lessons tailored to those unique expat interactions, making your learning experience even more compatible with your experiences abroad.

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Flexible learning

As an expat, you wear many hats - exploring the city, meeting new people, and maybe even building your career. Babbel understands that your schedule can be a rollercoaster, so it's designed to fit right into your life. 

No rigid class times or deadlines to stress about. Pick up your phone whenever and wherever you like, and dive into interactive lessons, podcasts, games, or live, online classes. Whether you're on a train, chilling at a café, or simply relaxing at home, Babbel is ready to join you on your language learning journey, with flexibility that lets you take the wheel.

Start learning today

Are you ready to go from small talk to heart-to-hearts in just a few weeks? Yale University actually tested the Babbel method and found that "100% of participants improved their oral proficiency in three months." So start learning today and see for yourself!



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