Learn to speak German anytime, anywhere with Babbel’s live online classes

Learn to speak German anytime, anywhere with Babbel’s live online classes


Struggling to make it to German classes in between work, the gym, hunting for an apartment, tentative Hinge dates, and those never-ending appointments at your local Bürgeramt? Limited to mumbling "Danke", "Genau", and "mit Karte, bitte" at the coffee shop? 

Luckily, that’s where Babbel Live comes in. Learn to speak German (for real this time) in live, online classes led by an expert teacher – available wherever and whenever you want. 

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Unlimited classes – anytime, anywhere

Despite the importance of conversing like a local when getting settled in Germany, language learning is often the first thing to get squeezed out of your schedule when life gets busy. With Babbel Live, you can say “Tschüss” to rigid language school schedules and the constraints of the traditional classroom, and “Hallo” to flexible learning tailored to your personal preferences and commitments. 

You’ll gain access to unlimited live, online classes, available day and night, at every level. Whether you’re on the full-time grind and need to fit in a class at sunrise or sunset, or a freelancer with time to learn in the middle of the day, you can book classes to suit your schedule and learn from the comfort of home. 

Learn from expert teachers with Babbel Live

At the heart of Babbel Live is a team of dedicated and experienced language experts who’ll guide you on your path to proficiency. These world-class teachers bring a wealth of knowledge, cultural insights, and words of encouragement to the virtual classroom, enabling you to grow more confident with conversing auf Deutsch – quickly.

Think of it as having your very own language coach. You’ll receive personalised guidance and constructive feedback every step of the way, as well as a safe space in which to practise speaking. Learn from the best, and learn at your own pace. Start learning from the experts.

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Benefit from a wide choice of topics

In addition to offering you a flexible learning schedule, Babbel Live also provides you with a variety of lessons and topics to choose from. You don’t have to abide by a traditional syllabus. Instead, you can book classes based on the subjects that are most relevant to you, whether you’re getting to grips with German grammar, learning the language of the workplace, perfecting your pronunciation, or navigating the city.

There are classes for everyone, from total newcomers to those approaching C1. Choose your topics and get started

Small group classes

Instead of impersonal and overcrowded classrooms, Babbel Live invites you into small, intimate online classes with a maximum of six learners. This emphasis on small group dynamics fosters a supportive environment where you can benefit from meaningful interactions, individualised attention, and accelerated progress. 

By limiting cohort sizes, Babbel Live ensures that you’ll receive the guidance and support needed to thrive. You’ll learn in good company. 

Access to the Babbel app 

As if that wasn’t enough, signing up to Babbel Live will also give you access to Babbel’s award-winning language learning app. That means bite-sized interactive lessons based on real-life situations, a personal pronunciation coach available to you 24 / 7, and games to learn words you’ll use every day. It also means insightful podcasts to breathe life into your U-Bahn journeys, and much more. 

Like a language-learning workout, just 10 minutes of in-app activities a day is all it takes to start learning German. Explore the app to get started today.

Start speaking today

So, go beyond “Genau” and speak German with confidence by signing up to Babbel Live today. Learn in real time and see real results. What are you waiting for?



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