Make 2024 the year you transition to a tech career with DataScientest

Make 2024 the year you transition to a tech career with DataScientest


The days are getting shorter, the year is coming to an end, and everybody is reviewing the past few months and making their first plans for 2024. The transition to the new year is a classic turning point for many of us, especially when it comes to career and job changes. 

Many people use the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect on their professional situation: Am I happy in my job? Is my salary okay? Am I overworked or underworked? What can I improve? And what if I started working in a completely new industry? Which job offers the best career opportunities?

Considering moving into a tech career? Make it happen with a DataScientest course

If you’ve been considering a transition into a tech career, maybe 2024 should be the year you finally make it happen. DataScientest can help you! Here’s a look at some of the trends you’ll need to stay ahead of in 2024 to ensure you remain highly employable, and how a DataScientest course can help you stay on top of your field. 

In a world characterised by constant technological progress, the demands on professions and career paths are also changing. In 2024, the areas of data analysis, DevOps and machine learning will be more important than ever.

Data: The key to well-founded decisions

Now more than ever, data is the key to making solid business decisions. Companies collect an immense amount of data, and the ability to analyse this information is becoming a highly valued skill. 

If you have analytical skills and an interest in interpreting data, a career as a data analyst or data scientist could be just the thing for you in 2024.

High demand for data expertise and digitalisation

Companies are increasingly recognising the value of data as a strategic resource. Data engineers play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of data infrastructures. The high demand for specialists who can manage large amounts of data efficiently is expected to continue.

Germany continues to focus on promoting Industry 4.0, leading to increased use of IoT (Internet of Things) and advanced analytics. Data engineers with expertise in the integration and processing of real-time data will be particularly in need in these types of scenarios.

DevOps: The interface between development and operations

The integration of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) is becoming increasingly important in the IT world. DevOps experts play a key role in delivering software in short intervals without sacrificing on quality. In 2024, the demand for professionals who have mastered DevOps practices is expected to increase further.

If you already have experience in software development or IT operations, the transition to DevOps could be a natural progression of your skills. Be sure to deepen your knowledge of automation, continuous integration and deployment to succeed in this dynamic field.

Machine learning: The future of artificial intelligence

With the arrival of machine learning and artificial intelligence, completely new possibilities are emerging. In 2024, the use of machine learning will continue to increase in various industries. Are you interested in algorithms, patterns and artificial intelligence? A career in machine learning could be exactly what you're looking for.

Practical and theoretical experience is key, continue your education and work on projects to build your portfolio. Companies will be looking for experts who are able to develop intelligent solutions using machine learning.

Changing jobs at the turn of the year

The turn of the year is a common time for job changes. Many companies advertise new positions at this time and many employees start actively looking for new professional challenges. Applications and interviews are therefore frequent in the first few months of the new year.

A career change often goes hand in hand with further training programmes. So use your time and motivation to further your education, learn new skills or deepen your existing knowledge. Further training will improve your chances on the labour market. Stay curious and agile to succeed in this rapidly evolving technological world.

Consider a course with DataScientest

Good news: DataScientest offers training courses in all of the areas outlined above. Take a look at their training catalogue and book an appointment with one of their experts to discuss your career goals. 

Their training programmes can be described as follows: a personalised pedagogical experience, practice-oriented coaching and concrete business use-cases.



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