St George’s - The British International School: Beyond education

St George’s - The British International School: Beyond education


St. George’s schools in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich are day schools for students aged between two and 18, with Cologne also offering boarding. They provide a blend of the best of a British education and an inclusive international environment. 

Students at St. George’s receive a rich, international curriculum in world-class premises

At St. George’s, students have access to a rich curriculum, world-class premises, and enthusiastic educators that develop passionate learners who are able to reason critically and think imaginatively.

Over 35 years of excellence in education

St. George’s opened in Cologne in 1985 with a first cohort of 15 students. Building on its success, a sister campus was established in Duisburg (close to Düsseldorf) in 2002, which later moved to a purpose-built location in 2012. In 2013, St. George's expanded with a third school in Munich. The schools work collaboratively with a shared philosophy and keep evolving to stand at the forefront of education.

St. George's aims to prepare students for success beyond the classroom by fostering a love for lifelong learning, tailored to their unique style. With experienced teachers and small class sizes, pupils can reach their full potential, explore their passions and make a meaningful contribution to their communities. 

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Building on the best of British traditions

St. George's values the British education system, emphasising high academic standards and the development of soft skills. The so-called “house system” - whereby students become members of a house on their first day of school - promotes inclusivity, healthy competition, public speaking and leadership.

Innovative teaching approaches expose students to a range of technologies and real-world experiences. The schools also offer a strong safeguarding culture, aimed at protecting and nurturing the whole child, with a priority placed on pupil wellbeing. 

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A focus on academics in an international environment

St. George's School offers an international environment with students from over 50 different nationalities, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, Spain, India, China and Japan.

The curriculum spans from pre-nursery to Year 13. Up to Year 11, all course work is based on the National Curriculum of England. Students prepare for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Cambridge Assessment in Years 10 and 11. IGCSE is recognised in Germany as an equivalent to the Mittlere Reife. This rich and rigorous curriculum develops key academic competence and ensures students acquire confidence and practice at sitting examinations.

In Years 12 and 13, the students embark upon the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme or the IB Career-Related Programme - a comprehensive curriculum that is recognised by universities around the world. 

St. George's graduates achieve average IB scores well above the world average of 33 points. They attend top universities in Germany and abroad, with areas of study including business management, engineering, law and medicine.

Beyond education

While academic progress is a key part of a student’s path to success, St. George’s pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sport, music and drama, allowing them to explore and develop their passions and interests. They are also involved in service projects which foster community mindedness, courage and teamwork.

Alongside programmes like The Model United Nations, St. George's students participate in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh International Award, founded by Prince Philip in 1956. They learn new skills, build confidence and resilience by helping their community, finding new hobbies, and learning lifelong skills through wilderness expeditions.

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The school community is guided by four values: Curiosity, Courage, Confidence and Community. The schools' mission is to build strong and responsible citizens, able to follow their dreams and lead a life that makes a difference. Students are expected to demonstrate respectful behaviour towards one another, and to develop a keen sense of personal responsibility. 

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