Take Code Labs Academy’s IT training for free with the Bildungsgutschein

Take Code Labs Academy’s IT training for free with the Bildungsgutschein


How can expats learn the skills they need to meet the demands of digitalisation in Germany? Are you an expat in Germany looking to embark on a career shift into the tech industry? Are you unemployed and hoping to break into tech? You're on the right track!

As technology becomes increasingly integral to everyday life, Germany's need for proficient IT experts is on the rise. 

Code Labs Academy steps in as a valuable resource, offering the training and skills necessary to excel in this evolving tech-centric environment. Offering fully online bootcamps in Cyber Security, Data Science, Web Development, and UX/UI Design - you can start learning from anywhere. To sweeten the deal, with a Bildungsgutschein you can start building your technical knowledge for free!

By using a Bildungsgutschein with Code Labs Academy, you're investing in a transformative learning experience that prepares participants for the demands of the industry.

Growing demand in the German IT market 

Globally, the tech industry has made headlines this year with massive layoffs and hiring freezes. While these trends mark important changes in the current reality of the job market, such as greater hiring selectivity and longer job search timelines for candidates, it’s important to keep in mind the bigger picture when examining the demand for IT specialists. 

According to a November 2022 press release from the German Federal Statistical Office, German businesses facing challenges with filling IT vacancies are on an upward trend. 

german businesses struggling to fill it vacancies

Trends in the hiring market may produce short-term hiring changes, but Germany’s need for IT specialists is ever-present. 

"We expect demand for software developers to remain high in 2023. This is driven by factors including the adoption of new technologies, digital transformation initiatives across industries, increased reliance on software solutions, and the need to address cybersecurity challenges. As a result, developers with skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, and cloud computing may see demand for their skill sets continue to rise." - Jordi Arcas, CEO of TalentUp

Transitioning into tech for expats in Germany  

The tech sector offers exceptional opportunities for expats seeking job prospects and professional growth. If you’re an expat in Germany craving to start a new career, the tech industry's dynamic and global nature makes it an ideal fit. Here's why:

  • High demand:  As a trained expat, your expertise could be the key to fulfilling this demand.
  • Diverse workforce: Tech companies value diversity and often actively seek international talent to bring varied perspectives to their teams.
  • Language flexibility: Many tech roles require proficiency in English, reducing language barriers for expats who might be in the process of learning or improving their German.

Funding your bootcamp training with a Bildungsgutschein

In Germany, you have the advantage of the Bildungsgutschein, a training voucher provided by the Employment Agency that lets you undertake training programmes for free. Code Labs Academy courses are eligible for the voucher.

To learn more about the application process, visit the Bildungsgutschein page on the Code Labs Academy website.

Why choose Code Labs Academy for a Bildungsgutschein

Code Labs Academy, an AZAV-certified school, provides Bildungsgutschein-approved tech bootcamps aligned with Bundesagentur für Arbeit's career-focused mission. 

As a partner, they prioritise hands-on learning, which is essential for tech. Besides their practical curricula, they also offer six-month access to career services, resources, and mentorship to fully support their graduates.

By using a Bildungsgutschein, you're investing in a transformative learning experience that prepares participants for the demands of the industry.

Don't miss out on your chance to jumpstart your tech career – apply today or reach out to the admissions team or their JobCenter Correspondent, Rebecca Danieli, with any questions. 



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