AXA explains: 4 types of insurance expats in Germany shouldn’t be without

AXA explains: 4 types of insurance expats in Germany shouldn’t be without


Germany is well-known for being a nation of insurers. Stopping just short of offering insurance insurance, it can sometimes feel like the Germans have an insurance policy for everything. 

AXA offers essential insurance products to suit different budgets and needs

Which is all very well - they’re a nation that likes to be prepared, after all - but to the uninitiated expat, all of these different types of insurance can sometimes feel overwhelming. You know that health insurance is mandatory, and you’ve got that covered, but how are you supposed to know which of the other myriad voluntary insurance options are essential, and which can you afford to do without? 

The 4 must-have insurance policies in Germany

If you ask insurance experts AXA, there are four types of insurance that expats should really have. Here’s a brief overview of what they cover, how much they cost, and why they might come in handy.

1. Private liability insurance

Private liability insurance is one of the most commonly-taken-out voluntary insurance policies in Germany, with an estimated 80 percent of the population having coverage. In a nutshell, this type of insurance covers you in case you accidentally hurt someone (either physically or financially), or if you damage their stuff - situations in which you are personally, and fully, liable. 

With policies starting at just 1,73 euros per month, AXA private liability insurance gives up to 60 million euros of cover. And with flexible contracts that can be cancelled or changed at just a day’s notice, you’re not tied into anything. Should your life situation change, your policy can instantly be changed to match. 

2. Household insurance

If you’re reading this at home, take a look around. You’ll quickly see how many valuables there are around you: not just electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops and speakers, but also furniture, carpets, clothing and other valuables. When these kinds of things get stolen or damaged, it’s not only annoying - it costs you money. 

Household insurance covers your stuff in case it is stolen or damaged by fire, storm, water, burglary or something else. With AXA household contents insurance, starting at just 1,95 euros per month, you’ll get compensated for the cost of replacing your personal belongings, regardless of how old they are.

Like all AXA policies, household contents insurance is flexible and can be adjusted according to your personal needs - no matter whether you want basic coverage or a more comprehensive package that also covers your expensive ceramic hob, your aquarium, your treasured jewellery pieces, and even your stuff while you’re abroad!  

3. Car insurance

Like health insurance, motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory in Germany - you won’t be driving anywhere without it. This type of insurance cover pays out if, for example, you injure someone with your vehicle or damage another car. 

However, this compulsory insurance won’t cover you for every eventuality. If, for example, someone steals your car, or it gets damaged, or you break down at the side of the road, you’ll find yourself with a very large bill to foot. That’s why lots of people choose to “top up” their compulsory car insurance with either a partial or a fully comprehensive policy. 

These voluntary policies cover you for extras like damage to your vehicle (either caused by you, or by weather events like hail and storms, theft, or accidents caused by wildlife). With AXA car insurance, you can also choose to purchase additional extras such as cover for high-value cars, protections for your no claims bonus, and breakdown and accident assistance. 

4. Supplemental dental insurance

Can you put a price on a good smile? Public health insurance in Germany usually only covers a portion of your dental costs, meaning you’re forced to make up the difference if you want extra or cosmetic treatments. 

Supplementary dental insurance from AXA starts at just 2,50 euros per month and significantly reduces your own contribution when it comes to expensive trips to the dentist. This ensures that comprehensive dental care remains affordable for you. The plan fully or partially reimburses costs for things like: 

  • Dental treatments (e.g. composite fillings)
  • Dentures, crowns and bridges
  • Prophylaxis and teeth cleaning (up to 120 euros per year)
  • Orthodontic treatments for children

Once again, AXA offers three different dental insurance plans to suit different needs and budgets - from the most basic, to the fully comprehensive. Long-term insured patients are also rewarded with a staggered system that allows you to claim back more money the longer you have been insured by AXA. 

Cover, whenever you need it

Taking out an AXA insurance policy is as simple as visiting their website and entering a few details. All of their policies come in a range of packages, which provide basic, medium or comprehensive protection, depending on your personal circumstances and insurance needs. 

Of course, if you want to take out additional cover, AXA has got insurance products to fit virtually every eventuality - from scooter and pet insurance, to pension plans (although they don’t offer insurance insurance just yet!). Visit the AXA website to see their full range of insurance products. 



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