German farm offering video calls with alpacas during coronavirus shutdown

German farm offering video calls with alpacas during coronavirus shutdown

Fed up of work meetings via Zoom? What if you could get an alpaca in on the conversation? That’s what a farm in Eltville is offering!

Kisselmühle under pressure during coronavirus shutdown

The ongoing coronavirus shutdown is putting immense pressure on thousands of businesses across Germany. While the government is providing billions of euros worth of financial help for businesses that are struggling, a number are coming up with creative ways to survive. One of these innovators is a farm in Germany that is now offering people the opportunity to interact with its animals via video chat. 

Kisselmühle Farm in Eltville, Hesse, usually runs a varied shop. Home to around 100 llamas, alpaca and camels as well as reindeer, Bennet kangaroos and tinker horses, they make their living by breeding and selling animals as well as operating llama and camel trekking tours. 

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Like many other zoos and animal parks in Germany, however, the ongoing coronavirus crisis has forced the farm to close its gates for the time being - and funds are starting to run short. “We are missing about 400 euros per day to take care of the animals,” says owner Frank Messing. 

Ring, ring, alpaca calling!

Messing realised that, while the farm is lacking visitors, people stuck at home are also lacking social contacts and positive interactions. So he came up with a plan. If the people couldn’t come to the animals, the farm would bring the animals to the people, via the internet.

Together with a digital agency, Messing developed an idea: via a website, users can now book a video call with an alpaca, llama, reindeer or camel. Either have a fun family get-together with a furry friend, or surprise your work colleagues at your next team meeting - and support the animals at the same time! Everyone’s a winner.

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