FINN: The simple way to get your next car

FINN: The simple way to get your next car


For many car-owning expats, moving to a new country comes along with some difficult questions: do I take my car with me? Do I sell it? Should I get a new one? 

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Buying a car in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting task. Moreover, many of us are unsure about how long we’ll be staying in our new home, making committing to an outright purchase or a lengthy lease contract difficult. 

What if you’d be able to get an instant, highly flexible and all-in coverage car subscription, that includes everything but fuel? FINN offers just that. With subscription terms starting from just one month, it gives you all the flexibility you need. 

City cars, electric cars, family cars: FINN’s got them all

The fully digital process makes getting a car subscription from your favourite car brands as simple as buying a pair of shoes online! Whether you’re looking for the perfect city car, like the Fiat 500C, a premium electric car such as the Audi e-Tron Sportback, or a practical all-rounder station wagon that has room for the whole family like the Volkswagen Passat Variant - FINN has got your back.

Leave stressful negotiations, confusing paperwork, hidden fees, and long contracts in the dust and focus on what is most important: the road ahead. And the best part: FINN delivers your new car right to your doorstep, free of charge. 

Although the FINN website is currently only available in German (a simple auto-translate fixes that), they offer English speaking assistance to all customers.

With FINN, you drive carbon-neutral

Besides being carefree, FINN believes that driving can also be sustainable, which is why they offer their customers an entry point into electric mobility. They offer a large variety of electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 or a Fiat 500E

Moreover, FINN offsets the entire CO2 emissions of its fleet based on average vehicle consumption! 

Grab a 10 percent discount with FINN Fridays!

Interested? You can now get your next car with a 10 percent discount using the exclusive FINN Friday code: FINNdays10

Simply enter the code at checkout and the amount is automatically deducted. The offer runs from November 21 - 28, 2022, and is applicable to a number of best selling cars, including the Fiat 500C, the Volkswagen Passat Variant and the Audi E-tron Sportback.

Are you ready for a carefree, flexible and sustainable way of driving a car? Choose FINN.



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