German union pushes for 40-euro minimum price on flights

German union pushes for 40-euro minimum price on flights

The German trade union Ver.di is advocating for a 40 Euro minimum price on flights in Germany, and is calling for fewer short-haul flights from the country. 

Flying needs to become more sustainable 

According to Ver.di’s board member Christine Behle, it is important that flying becomes more sustainable. “Flying to Barcelona at the weekend to party for 9,99 must come to an end”, Behle added. 

The Ver.di representative also expressed concern about the amount of “insane” tourism that takes place at the expense of the climate, referring to people flying for short-haul trips and weekends away. 

Minimum flight prices are not a new idea 

While similar plans have already been put into action in Austria, the concept of issuing minimum flight prices has also been discussed in Germany several times already. 

In May 2021, SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz weighed in on the matter, stating that "No flight can be cheaper than the airport charges", and discussed the possibility of a minimum 50 or 60 Euro flight price. 

Short haul flights remain popular in Germany

In 2019, the CSU also brought in the idea of a competitive price tax, to be paid on tickets that cost less than 50 euros - nevertheless, short-haul flights from Germany remain popular. 

Ver.di federal board member Behle is also a member of the Lufthansa Supervisory Board, and is pushing the company to reduce the amount of short-haul routes it offers. The airline recently announced that it would not be resuming controversial domestic flights between Nuremberg and Munich.



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