Germany's AfD party classified as suspected case of right-wing extremism

Germany's AfD party classified as suspected case of right-wing extremism

Germany's AfD party classified as suspected case of right-wing extremism

Germany’s domestic intelligence service has classified the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as a nationwide “suspected case” of right-wing extremism. In theory, this enables the authority to place the political party under observation.

AfD fighting classification as “right-wing extremist” in court

German media were reporting on Wednesday that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has classified the far-right AfD party as a suspected case of right-wing extremism, thus making it possible for the party to be monitored nationwide via intelligence means such as informants or telephone surveillance. 

BfV President Thomas Haldenwag apparently told the heads of the state authorities of the BfV during a video conference that the AfD had been treated as a suspected case since February 25. However, the designation has not yet been officially confirmed by the BfV, due to an ongoing legal dispute. 

The move to classify AfD as a suspected case of right-wing extremism was in fact first announced as early as January - and should have then been publicly announced at a press conference - but the AfD filed several urgent requests and lawsuits against the BfV to block the classification and prevent it from being communicated publicly. 

The court was assured that no AfD Bundestag members or candidates would be monitored by intelligence until proceedings had concluded. "With a view to the ongoing proceedings and out of respect for the court, the BfV is not making a public statement on this matter," a spokesperson said.

1.000-page report gives details of anti-constitutional activities

According to reports, the basis for the classification of the entire AfD as a suspected case of far-right extremism is a 1.000-page appraisal put together by the BfV, containing evidence of the political party’s alleged violations of the democratic basic order over the past two years - including statements made by AfD officials and alleged connections between AfD politicians and anti-constitutional organisations, networks and actors. 

The report concludes that there are numerous indications and pieces of evidence that the AfD party as a whole shows anti-constitutional tendencies and can thus be classified as a “suspected case of right-wing extremism”. 

The entire AfD party was classified as a test case by the BfV at the beginning of 2019. This happens when an organisation is not clearly extremist, but there are “actual indications” of anti-constitutional activities. 



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