Go freelance with confidence with the Freelance Tax in Germany course

Go freelance with confidence with the Freelance Tax in Germany course


Imagine streamlining the process of tax registration in Germany, transforming what often seems like a daunting task into a clear path forward. As an expat eager to start your freelance business, mastering local tax laws is crucial. The online Freelance Tax in Germany course is tailored to simplify and demystify tax registration, equipping you with everything you need to launch your freelance venture in Germany confidently.

Launch your freelance venture in Germany with confidence with the Freelance Tax in Germany course

Who should consider the Freelance Tax in Germany course?

The course is designed to answer the tax questions all freelancers face when setting up their businesses in Germany. It should particularly appeal to people who are in the following situations:

  • Along for the adventure: Your spouse is embarking on a career in Germany, and while supporting their dreams, you haven't forgotten yours. You plan to continue working for your current employer or clients back home. The course ensures that your freelance gear is well-oiled and tax-compliant from the start.
  • Side hustle to main hustle: Currently employed in Germany but itching to venture into freelancing? Whether you're coding after hours or consulting on weekends, this course lays the groundwork for you to expand without stumbling over tax hurdles.
  • Cross-border contractor: If your freelance dreams include invoicing clients from Düsseldorf to Denver, understanding your tax obligations in Germany is crucial.

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Course breakdown

The course is structured as a step-by-step guide to freelance tax affairs in Germany, taking you from registration to full compliance:

Module 1: Set up an Elster account

The first part of the course ensures that your digital setup is as smooth as your morning coffee, starting with setting up your Elster account, the gateway to managing your taxes online.

Module 2: Tax registration as a freelancer

Registering with the tax authorities sounds as fun as watching paint dry, right? The next stage of the course will help you get your tax number without the yawn, ensuring you're ready to bill your clients ASAP.

Module 3: Trade registration

Are you unsure if your freelance activity requires registering a trade? The final module of the course walks you through this maze step-by-step so you can walk out ready to conquer.

Start yesterday: By the end of this two-hour course, you'll be fully equipped to send out your first invoice. While your official tax number might take a few weeks, you'll already fully comply with the tax office.

Why the course is a game-changer for expats

Here's why you should consider taking the course:

  • Empower yourself with knowledge: The course includes essential tips on which business expenses you can deduct, ensuring every euro spent works harder for you.
  • Designed for action: Crafted by StBin Birgit Augustin, a tax expert with 20 years of experience, this course isn't just a lecture - it's a hands-on, practical toolkit for launching your freelance business without delay.
  • Credentials you can trust: Developed by a tax accountant who's a wizard in international tax law, this course is your secret weapon for navigating the tax jungle like a native.
  • Language no barrier: Offered entirely in English, this course breaks down the German tax system into easy-to-understand segments, ensuring no one's left puzzling over tax jargon.

How to enrol

For just 249 euros, you can access all modules, with payment options via credit card or Google Pay. Consider it an investment in your career's future in Germany. Enrol now, benefit immediately: Jump into the course today and start navigating the freelance waters with an expert map. 

This isn't just another tax course. It's a bridge to your successful freelance career in Germany. With immediate application, expert design and support that speaks your language, you're not just solving tax puzzles - you're setting up shop as a confident entrepreneur. Seize the opportunity; your freelance future awaits!

Ready to take control of your freelance journey in Germany? Enrol today and turn complexity into clarity.



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