Willing organ donors in Germany can now register online

Willing organ donors in Germany can now register online

Another step in the direction of widespread digitisation, it is now possible for people in Germany to complete the organ donor registration process on the internet.

Organ donor registration now also online in Germany

Registering as an organ donor in Germany has just gotten a little easier! From March 18, in just a few clicks people over the age of 16 who live in Germany can join the 44 percent of residents and citizens already on the organ donor register.

Anyone who wants to register online needs an ID with an online identification function (for example your eID residence permit or an eID from another EU country), their identification number for their health insurance and their email address. 

This marks just the first phase of the new system. From September 30 willing donors will also be able to register via their health insurance provider apps.

New system makes it easier to identify willing donors

Until now, it was only possible to register your willingness as an organ donor via post, after which you receive a physical registration card in return.

This offline system will continue to exist in tandem with the new, online registry, but it is hoped that the digital system will make it easier for doctors to identify organ donors in medical emergencies

According to the organ donor register authority “practice shows that the organ donor card is often not found in an emergency” and “only 21,2 percent of potential organ donors had a written declaration of organ donation”.

Under the new system, from July 1, 2024, clinics responsible for removing organs will be able to search the digital register. It is also hoped that this new system will remove the burden on next of kin, who are currently responsible for deciding if their loved one’s organs should be donated if they did not join the register during their death or if their registration cannot be found.

Find out more about how to join Germany's organ donor register here.

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