Psychologists, Therapists & Counsellors in Berlin

Psychologists, Therapists & Counsellors in Berlin

Becoming an expat is a wonderful experience but for many - men or women, adults or children, single or in a relationship / married - migrating and adjusting to expat life comes with emotional difficulties that could lead to loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, alcoholism, sleep disorders and more. 

Apart from mental health problems, expats may also experience self-development or career difficulties (e.g. burnout), relationship problems, trust issues and others that could benefit from professional help.

Here’s a list of expat-friendly counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to help you, your friends or your family members who suffer from mental health issues in English and/or other languages.

  • Most people suffer from psychological problems in the course of their lives. It is not always possible to find a way out on your own. Our psychotherapists will help to find solutions and support you in challenging life situations. We offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for adults for all kinds of psychological problems, stress, and life crises.

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  • Do you want more from your love life? I support you in relationship matters: desire differences, open relationship, heartbreak, dating, trauma and more. Licensed cognitive behavioural therapy or systemic sex therapy for individuals and partners in Berlin or online. Nonmonogamy, LGBTQIA+ and kink-welcoming.

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  • My therapeutic style is rooted in: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, and sexologist with experience helping individuals and couples overcome their personal struggles and find a path towards emotional wellness and fulfillment.

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  • I focus on creating a warm and safe space for children, adolescents and young adults to explore their thoughts and fears. Psychological counselling allows for healing, self-exploration and the development of emotional resilience to cope with the inevitable challenges that come with life.

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  • In my practice, I aim to provide a safe space, where we can explore your relational patterns together and uncover the impact these patterns have on your life. I have experienced working with individuals from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds addressing topics including identity, sexuality, gender, and trauma. Through my integrative approach I use a combination of psychotherapeutic models.

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  • Online counselling in English with a focus on CBT and Hypnotherapy. Unravel Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, Addictions, Smoking, Stress, Identity, Creativity and Trauma. Book a Free Consultation.

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  • Specialities: ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), Emotion-focussed & Systemic Couples Therapy and Coaching. My services also include Professional Development-Coaching.

    Treatments of: Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Impulse Control, Psychosomatic or Personality Disorders &Trauma.

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