Life coaches in Munich

Life coaches in Munich

Are you going through a stressful (personal or business) life situation, or facing blockages, barriers or obstacles you're struggling to overcome? Are the demands and constant changes of expat life in Munich making you feel like you can't make informed decisions or are being held back from your true potential?

Life coaching can help you with your personal and / or career problems, by helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, work on areas for development, and achieve your goals. Consult an experienced personal and life coach, specialised in training internationals, to improve mental, physical and social health and empower mind, body and spirit consciousness.

  • Déja you

    Whether in person or virtually - confidentiality, professionalism, and flexibility are for me, the basic conditions for mutual success. This means discovering and understanding fears and worries, wishes and needs, but also limits and beliefs. Only when it is clear what is fundamentally at stake, do solution paths and possibilities emerge. Together we analyse, evaluate and implement them.

  • Timo Ten Barge – Life Coach

    I have been working with people for more than 20 years. I have been interested in what needs and motivations people have and what goals they pursue. Among the questions that fascinate me are how people communicate, what motivates people, how they spend (or pass) their time. Whether they are more self-directed or more other-directed, how they seek their place in life, what goals they have, how they give meaning to their lives.

  • Serenity Therapy

    I work as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, therapeutic life coach, mindfulness trainer, a consultant and coach for stress and burnout prevention, reiki practitioner, chakra therapist and nature coach. We can all free ourselves from blockages that hold us back in life, to achieve our dreams. If you are doing the inner work, the world will change on the outside as well.