Meet your English-speaking nutritionist and eat with confidence abroad

Meet your English-speaking nutritionist and eat with confidence abroad


Moving to Germany is a major life change. Focusing on your health may take a back seat between finding an apartment, learning a new language, and adapting to a new city. But you shouldn’t struggle with your health alone.

Kristen provides an expert, holistic approach to help you make informed choices about your health. Book a session today!

If you have noticed a change in your eating habits after your move abroad, feel exhausted by dieting, are struggling to stay active, or just can’t seem to find a health routine that works for your needs, then Kristen Kiesow Nutrition is here to support you. Kristen is a registered dietitian and English-speaking nutritionist in Hamburg who specialises in supporting expats and internationals in Germany to find a harmonious and balanced relationship with food while living abroad. 

As an expat herself, Kristen understands the unique struggles faced by those who move away from their home country. The stress of a new location and coping with homesickness can all impact eating habits and overall wellness. That’s why Kristen provides an expert, holistic approach to nutrition to empower you to make informed choices about your health. 

Services tailored to your individual needs

Kristen offers personalised nutrition counselling through one-on-one sessions. Using a “no-nonsense and anti-diet approach”, Kristen will support you in finding solutions that are specific to your individual needs. No “one size fits all” diet plans here! 

One client in Hamburg describes Kristen as “incredibly helpful, imparting her years of knowledge in a kind and supportive manner, laced with a bit of humour to help lighten the load.”

Kristen can support one-to-one clients with any of the following:

  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Intuitive eating education
  • Women’s health
  • Sports nutrition
  • General nutrition counselling
  • And more

kristen kiesow working with client

You’re a candidate for working with Kristen if:

  • You are struggling to find healthy habits after your move abroad. 
  • You are ready to practise positive, intentional eating habits that support your health.
  • You are exhausted by dieting and want to find individual health solutions.
  • You are looking to learn about your nutrition needs from an expert.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward your healthful life abroad, consider applying to work with Kristen. Upon application, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute nutrition consultation to discuss your health goals with Kristen. 

Apply for individual nutrition counselling.

Your healthful life abroad starts here

Looking for nutrition guidance and the support of like-minded expats in Germany? Kristen Kiesow Nutrition is offering group nutrition counselling sessions specifically for women internationals living in Germany.

You’re a candidate for group counselling if:

  • You enjoy learning from other expats and international women.
  • You feel inspired by others who are experiencing similar health challenges.
  • You like having a support group to help with accountability.
  • You are ready to ditch dieting and find body acceptance with a group of like-minded women in Germany.

Ready to find your supportive community abroad? Join the waitlist for group counselling

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Interested in nutrition counselling in Germany?

Explore Kristen’s website to learn more about her services and read testimonials from clients she has already helped. You can also follow Kristen on Instagram for simple nutrition tips, easy recipes, and advice on managing your health abroad. 

Join Kristen on this empowering adventure to eat with confidence and rediscover your well-being, even through life’s many challenges. Apply for nutrition counselling today!

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