Start your year with a clean home - with help from Helpling

Start your year with a clean home - with help from Helpling


A cleaner, tidier home can be a good New Year's resolution. After all, a tidy home often has other positive after-effects: people who keep things tidy are often more structured and can handle tasks with less stress. 

Book a clean with Helpling

If you’re juggling work, children and leisure time, and the day is simply too short for housework, it can be helpful to hire a cleaner. Enter Helpling! They can help you find a cleaner in your neighbourhood with ease. 

How to find a cleaner with Helpling

Start by entering your postal code. Based on that, you’ll see the available cleaners in your local area. How often do you want your cleaner to come over and clean your home? You’ll get the option to decide whether your cleaning session should be a one-off, weekly or every other week, whatever best fits your needs! Add your preferred date and time and you’ll see which of the cleaners are available at that specific time. 

how to book a clean with helpling

Every cleaner has their own profile which includes their price, reviews from other customers and the experience they have on the platform. Based on this, you can select which cleaners you want to welcome into your home! 

Specify the kind of clean you want

Everyone has their own views when it comes to what is important, so discuss with your cleaner which things are a priority for you. Maybe cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are more important than having the floors mopped every week. Decide which tasks you want to give to your cleaner. If you are not sure, you can always ask for your cleaner’s opinion. 

If you decide to book a weekly or bi-weekly clean, you can give the cleaner the keys of your home, so you don’t even need to be there. If you’re not at work, you could go for a walk or have a picnic in the park, take the kids to a playground or go grocery shopping while your home is being cleaned. So many options! 

How do I manage my appointments? 

You can manage your Helpling appointments easily and on the go by downloading the app for Google or Apple! Alternatively, you can log into the website to get an overview of your appointments. 

If you want to add, reschedule or cancel a booking, you can easily arrange this yourself. You can also contact your cleaner through the app via the chat. 

What happens next?

After your cleaning, you can enjoy your tidy home to the fullest. Marvel at the shiny surfaces and the streak-free bathroom mirrors, or enjoy the tidy living room with a warm tea. It feels so good to sit in a tidy home.

Of course, it can happen that you notice little things that you would have cleaned differently. That is quite normal. Write everything down and discuss it with your cleaner. All Helpling cleaners are happy to receive feedback and can take your wishes into account for the next time. 

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