[Video] 5 things to do in Lindau, Lake Constance

[Video] 5 things to do in Lindau, Lake Constance

Visiting the small island of Lindau on Lake Constance (the Bodensee in German), is a truly unforgettable trip. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing lakeside vacation, or you want to country hop from ferry to ferry, follow these five tips for a unique Bavarian travel experience. 

1. Take the ferry to another country! 

The ferry boat in Lindau is one of this island’s top attractions. There’s more than enough attractions to keep you occupied on Lindau itself, but when again will both Austria and Switzerland be just a stone’s throw away? 

If you want to get away, book a short ferry ride to one of the many terminals around the lake. You can find a full list of timetables and prices online. My advice is, book your ticket early, so you guarantee a reservation. 

2. Explore the island’s attractions 

Walk the cobble stoned streets of Lindau to see popular sights like the Altes Rathaus (city hall), the Mangenturm Tower, and the Bavarian Lion. Alternatively, cruise the island in Bavarian style on Feitzi’s Rikscha, a romantic motorised cart (which is also covered for rain protection - fun in all weathers!)

3. Walk the Lindau City Garden

As you enter the island, you'll notice this beautiful city park right over the Chelles-Allee bridge. If it's a nice day, find time to relax, picnic, or feed ducks on the lake. When shows are available (and if the weather isn’t on your side) you can also check out the Park Theatre and Studio Cinema for entertainment.  

4. Take a swim in the lake! 

For gorgeous lookout points of the lake, walk the wall near the "Strandlounge Lindau." You'll find stairs that lead you into a crystal clear oasis. You can also enter the lake for a swim on the perimeter of the Lindau City Garden.  

5. People-watch on the balcony of Hotel Bayerischer Hof

The best place to watch people wandering by, and also take in stunning views of the lighthouse and ferries as they chug across the lake, is on the balcony of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Find a seat on the terrace to enjoy the sun and take in the complete beauty of the harbour. For maximum bliss, snack like a true Bavarian and order their homemade desserts with coffee. 

Got any more Lindau tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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