Kickstart your tech life in Germany with Ironhack

Kickstart your tech life in Germany with Ironhack


In the tech industry, the only constant is change. It means you are in charge of your tech career destiny, and you can use your previous experience either in school or in other industries to contribute to the innovation that is inherent in tech jobs.

If you’re considering making the jump into the world of tech, here’s an overview of why it makes such a great career choice, what job options are open to you, and how a bootcamp with Ironhack can get you started.

Apply for an Ironhack bootcamp with career services to get yourself from zero to job-ready in as little as nine weeks

Why choose a career in tech?

The technology industry is vast and exciting, meaning there is space for anyone who wants to join the party. Whether you are interested in design, coding, artificial intelligence, marketing, sales or anything in between, you can be sure that there is a role that you will be perfect for.

A career in tech will be tremendously fulfilling. Think about your daily life and how much technology plays a role in pretty much everything you do. By focusing on a career in tech, you will be able to make a meaningful difference in the daily life of millions of people who depend on modern technology.

On top of all this, tech skills are in high demand. The pandemic has forced businesses to drastically rethink how they work. In most cases, this has triggered digital transformation initiatives. The market needs tech workers now more than ever, so it’s a great time to invest in your tech skills.

What kind of tech roles are there, and what skills do I need?

Working in the technology industry means you will be constantly learning. The nature of the industry is innovative, so staying ahead of industry trends is critical. Lifelong learning is the key to personal fulfilment and satisfaction, and a career in tech will certainly contribute.

When you’re on the verge of beginning a career in tech, there are a lot of things to think about! The first being what kind of tech you want to get into. 

Web development ironhack course types

Immersive web development would entail building game-changing apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. You’ll be on the cutting edge of the next must-have applications that make our interconnected lives easier. 

UX / UI design

UX / UI design will have you learning how to make the apps that programmers build usable in practice for the end user. When you are trained in user experience, research, Figma, design thinking and user interface, you’ll be an integral part of any company's workforce.

Data Analytics

Becoming an expert in data analytics will make you an invaluable part of any team. The ability to capture data is a small part of the puzzle. Learn Python, SQL, Tableau and statistics to become a data analyst. Making sense of all that data is critical for any company’s bottom line.


Finally, cybersecurity is also a very important career path. White hat hackers are hugely important for major corporations and governments alike. As a cybersecurity worker, you’ll need to act like a ninja, constantly staying steps ahead of cybercriminals that want to infiltrate networks. 

Benefits of an Ironhack bootcamp in Berlin or online

Ironhack offers globally renowned bootcamps in all of the above skills - and, best of all, you need no prior tech experience to apply. An Ironhack bootcamp can take you from zero to job-ready in nine to 12 weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time).

In Germany, Ironhack offers courses both online and in person at their Berlin campus. On top of that - to really help you on your way to a career in tech - when you join an Ironhack bootcamp, you also get access to Ironhack’s career services.

ironhack bootcamp

Forget the sometimes underwhelming careers coaching you had at school or university, this programme is a standalone course in its own right, combining modules of workshops, webinars and exercises with individual support sessions with coaches. It is divided into three different stages to be completed in different moments: before, during, and after the course.

Behind Ironhack’s success is a strong network of hiring partners, and a deep knowledge of the tech job market and how to navigate it.

Let’s do a little maths… The yearly salary of a data scientist can be as high as 150.000 dollars, making it the highest-paying job role in 2022. And you can do it remotely! With the help of Ironhack’s career services, you’ll have paid back your bootcamp in no time, and be well on your way to saving the world through technology.



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