Ironhack: Get the skills you need to find your dream tech job in Germany

Ironhack: Get the skills you need to find your dream tech job in Germany


You're “fresh off the bus”, as they say, and have recently landed on German soil. You came to Germany because of its vibrant tech job market - with 96.000 unfilled IT jobs in 2021, and startup hubs like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich giving you bustling, modern centres to locate yourself in.

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You have an established career in tech or are looking to start one. But how can you ensure that your application is always the one at the top of the pile that lands on the HR manager's desk?

A lot goes into a successful tech job application. But a key factor is demonstrating you have the skills that are in demand. Ironhack has done a little digging for you and has put together a quick list of some of the top skills you need to land your dream tech job in Germany.

Web development 

The average entry level salary for a web developer in Germany is 43.000 euros per year. The tech scene is booming and web developers are in high demand, meaning they can command high salaries and a whole host of great benefits. 

Coding is a core skill for web developers, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React being in the highest demand. While many developers are self-taught, the fastest way to learn to code is through an intensive course. 

Ironhack offers a web development bootcamp, both remote and in Berlin, that covers these languages and arms you with the skills you need to build game-changing apps and websites. 

UX / UI design

UX / UI design is another growing field in Germany. Salaries for junior positions start at around 42.000 euros per year. Mobile banking and fintechs in hubs such as Frankfurt are some of the areas most actively recruiting for these roles. But healthtech and digital wellness are not far behind.

Wireframing, prototyping, and visual communication are some of the most sought-after skills at the moment. Ironhack offers a UX / UI bootcamp where you can improve all of these skills. You will learn how to make the apps that programmers build and be trained in user experience, research, Figma, design thinking, and user interface.

Data analytics

You can't talk about in-demand tech skills right now without mentioning data analytics. The starting salaries for data analytics jobs can reach 44.000 euros – the highest on our list!

Becoming an expert in data analytics will make you an invaluable part of any tech team in Germany. Many businesses are searching for people who have the skills to capture data, understand and interpret it, and then present it in a digestible way. 

Python, SQL, Tableau, and statistics are the key skills in a data analyst's arsenal and are all taught in the Ironhack Data Analytics bootcamp.  

Kick start your career in tech with Ironhack

To learn more about kick starting an exciting career in tech in your new home and joining Ironhack’s global community of innovators, visit their website. You’ll be glad you did! 

They offer numerous funding options to help you start your tech journey and if you're a woman, you get a bonus of 10 percent off if you join the Web Development or Data Analytics bootcamps. 



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