The most future-proof jobs in Germany in 2020

The most future-proof jobs in Germany in 2020

The most future-proof jobs in Germany in 2020

Searching for jobs in Germany can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure whether your occupation will still be in demand in a few years' time. With new and better technology being developed every day, there are some jobs that are becoming redundant as time goes on, and some which are going to be increasingly in demand - as a new study has shown. 

Jobs in the highest demand going into 2020

Choosing a job that you know will be in demand for years to come brings great peace of mind. It brings financial stability and confidence that your life won’t be turned upside down should the job become redundant. If this is a pressing concern for you, then read on!

The experts at have put together a list of the jobs that are on-trend in 2020 - and are therefore pretty safe career choices. Until the robots take over, that is.  

The jobs identified as "future-proof" were determined on the basis of internet searches, job vacancies and discussions with companies. Over 6.600 salaries from different jobs was also analysed to identify how much employees could expect to earn.

The most future-proof jobs in 2020

The data identified these in-demand jobs in 2020 as the ones most likely to be important in the future:

IT consultant and software developer

No surprises here. Since technology has become more and more integrated in our lives, it makes sense that these jobs are in such high demand. IT consultants are particularly attractive due to an overall shortage of young IT professionals. External experts are especially coveted and are amongst the top earners in Germany. IT consultants can expect to earn around 75.200 euros per year, while developers command around 61.500 euros.

Electrical engineers

With electric vehicles taking the motoring industry by storm there is are growing demand for electrical engineers. Just last year Tesla announced plans to set up a new “Gigafactory” in Brandenburg and Volkswagen is also utilising the technology in its Audi cars. Electrical engineers earn an average wage of 60.500 euros.

Scrum master

No, this is not a position in rugby. Scrum masters are a kind of team supervisor, whose job is to make sure teams run smoothly and efficiently by getting rid of obstacles, monitoring the different stages and processes of a particular project and coordinating the cooperation of different teams. Scrum masters can command a salary of 56.100 euros.

Corporate social responsibility

People working in a business’ corporate social responsibility sector aim to unite a company’s ecological, social and economic impact while propagating sustainable strategies that also help to improve the company’s reputation. Managers earn around 45.100 euros and work closely with PR, marketing and management.

Nurses and geriatric nurses

As the population gets older and older the demand for nurses will only increase. The Bertelsmann Foundation’s 2030 Nursing Report found that there could be up to 500.000 full-time vacancies in the nursing sector by 2030. Furthermore, governments could add further incentives to attract people to the profession. Geriatric nurses currently earn 32.400 euros, while nurses earn around 37.900

Trend Jobs 2020

Looking for a new career in a trend sector? You can read the entire Trend Jobs 2020 report on the website (in German). 

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