Information on international companies in Germany

Information on international companies in Germany

Information on international companies in Germany

Unemployment in Germany is currently at an all-time low. With business booming, the local workforce has become insufficient to meet the demands of the economy. International companies in Germany are therefore increasingly having to rely on skilled foreign workers to fill vacant positions.

Although German tends to be the main language when working in Germany, there is an increasing number of international companies, especially in German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, that conduct business in English.  

What are international companies in Germany looking for?

Highly-qualified workers with experience in sectors such as computer science and engineering are always sought after by international companies and have a good chance of finding a job in Germany.

Increasingly, however, rapidly declining unemployment is also creating demand for skilled workers with vocational qualifications or experience in manufacturing, hospitals and the care industry.

English-speaking roles tend to be fairly competitive. Learning German can significantly boost your chances of being hired, as even international companies will conduct at least some of their day-to-day business in German.

International companies in Germany

Browse our list of international companies and recruitment agencies in Germany to see what kind of positions are available for expats.  

Why do international companies choose Germany?

International companies like Adidas, Allianz, BMW, E.ON, Puma, Siemens and Volkswagen were founded in Germany and continue to have their headquarters there. An increasing number of smaller German businesses, which make up around 90% of the economy, are also turning to international markets.

Companies choose to set up offices in Germany largely due to the power of its economy, which is the biggest in Europe and the fourth-largest in the world. This offers international companies financial security, stability and productivity, which in turn boost innovation and research.

Alongside this, a highly-skilled workforce, financial incentives for investors and Germany’s central location within Europe all make it an attractive destination for many companies.

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