Europeans rank Berlin as the fourth best city to work in worldwide

Europeans rank Berlin as the fourth best city to work in worldwide

A recent study has looked at which cities are the most popular for Europeans to work in. Working in Germany proved a popular option, with Berlin being ranked as the fourth most popular city for European employees.

The European Talent Intelligence Manual 2022

As the European labour market experiences vast shortages, with more and more job vacancies going unfilled, many recruiters and international companies are struggling to attract skilled workers. In order to shed some light on this issue, and help companies attract employees, the market research firm Intelligence Group, based in Rotterdam, has compiled the first-ever European Talent Intelligence Manual for 2022.

The study evaluated the professional experiences and motivations of almost 100.000 Europeans in order to uncover the most popular cities to work in around the world. Over 700 cities were included in this year’s study, with London topping the rankings despite the challenges brought about by Brexit.

Berlin ranked as fourth most popular city for European employees

The study found that Berlin was the most popular German city and the fourth most popular city in the world, with 13 percent of respondents having the German capital in their top three cities to work in.

The study also highlighted some important facts about working in Germany, such as that the minimum wage in Germany is 1.621 euros a month, and the average salary is 2.412 euros a month. The study also revealed that employees were attracted to Germany due to the promise of a good salary, permanent working contracts, a large variety of jobs, a good working environment and an acceptable workload.

Germany proved popular with expats, with over 886.000 people migrating to Germany in 2019. Similarly, Germans are also happy to move away from the federal republic, with 10 percent of Germans wanting to live and work abroad. Accordingly, just over 576.000 Germans left Germany in 2019. Reasons for wanting to move abroad included gaining experience, learning a new language and exploring other cultures.

Top 10 cities to work in around the world

According to the European Talent Intelligence Manual 2022, the following cities are most popular amongst Europeans:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Paris
  4. Berlin
  5. Barcelona
  6. Madrid
  7. Sydney
  8. Rome
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Vienna

You can find the full report on the Intelligence Group website.

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