5 tips for balancing family life and career development with a part-time MBA

5 tips for balancing family life and career development with a part-time MBA


If you’re looking to equip yourself with new skills that will help accelerate and elevate your career, then an MBA could be the perfect option for you. With an MBA you can level up your personal development, expanding your professional network while acquiring vital skills in leadership, management and business innovation.

ESMT’s "blended" part-time MBA programme lets you balance career family commitments 

However, undertaking an MBA is a big commitment, especially for those with children who are already juggling their professional responsibilities with family life. 

So, how can you balance your career development with parenting?

A part-time MBA from ESMT Berlin helps you balance career and family

ESMT Berlin, Germany’s number one business school, offers a part-time MBA programme that lasts two years and is designed to minimise the time spent away from your current job and family, while empowering you to define your own study schedule.

Study at your own pace, wherever you like

ESMT’s Part-time MBA programme takes advantage of a “blended” format, meaning you can complete 75% online, allowing you to work remotely, from the office, or at home and fit the programme around family commitments. For the remaining 25%, you’ll join the rest of the class for 14 in-person, weekend residencies, which offer an invaluable opportunity to network with and learn from your fellow students.

Take advantage of educational leave

If your employer is registered in Germany (with the exception of the states of Bavaria and Saxony) it may be possible to take advantage of educational leave (Bildungsurlaub), which grants employees extra time off work in addition to their usual vacation allowance. These days can then be spent attending the programme’s in-person residencies.

Consider an Executive MBA or Global Online MBA

The Part-time MBA’s blended format empowers those with existing priorities to develop their skills and acquire valuable new experiences. However, if you want a completely flexible experience, ESMT’s Global Online MBA offers a fully remote alternative.

If you’re a senior or executive level, and can’t fully step away from your position to study, an Executive MBA that utilises a modular format may be the ideal fit.

5 tips to successfully balance a part-time MBA with your family life

Taking on the extra responsibilities of an MBA is always going to present a challenge. To help you rise to the task and integrate these new demands into your life, we’ve compiled five tips for juggling the Part-time MBA with parental duties, courtesy of ESMT student Nina Gassauer.

1. Develop a strategy

Plan how and when you’re going to make time to attend classes and work through course content. It’s vital that you develop a strategy to integrate the increased workload into your family life.

2. If you have a support network, don’t be afraid to use it

Involving the family members or friends that make up your support network can help to temporarily lighten your load while you undertake an MBA programme. At work, inform the rest of your team and, where possible, delegate tasks to your colleagues.

3. Don’t forget to network, attend events and socialise

You might be tempted to cut all but the core parts of the programme to help manage your workload but remember that your fellow students and professors represent a fantastic opportunity to pick up valuable insights and to network with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

4. Have confidence in the decision you have made

At moments when studying becomes more demanding, keep your long-term goals in mind and remember that you’re investing in your personal development.

5. Embrace the pressure

Enrolling in a part-time MBA programme is an opportunity to test yourself as you acquire valuable new skills. Embrace the challenge! 

Take your career to the next level at ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin is Germany’s top business school. The programmes are designed to offer you the ultimate combination of specialisations, educational rigour, and entrepreneurial expertise. Visit the ESMT Berlin website to learn more and choose the programme that best fits your interests, your other commitments, and your desired career trajectory. 



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