6 reasons why an MBA from ESMT Berlin is a great career move for expats

6 reasons why an MBA from ESMT Berlin is a great career move for expats


An MBA can significantly enhance your career by providing global business insights, leadership skills, and a robust professional network. But for expats living in Germany who have international aspirations and are eager to build their career abroad, the right MBA programme can offer additional benefits to help you unlock the next level of your career.

At the Berlin-based business school ESMT Berlin, all of the MBA programmes are designed to give students an opportunity to build the skills they need for the careers they want, while maintaining a deep focus on global business.

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Take your international career to the next level with an MBA at ESMT Berlin

Whether you want to study full-time or keep your existing job and enroll in a part-time or fully-online programme, ESMT Berlin’s MBA programmes are the perfect match for expats looking to break into senior management positions within the German economy, or even beyond it.

Here are seven reasons why an MBA from ESMT Berlin represents a great career opportunity for expats living in Germany:

1. You gain local insight

ESMT Berlin's MBA programmes can help you unlock a deeper understanding of the German and European business environments. With insights into local market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and business practices, this knowledge is invaluable for those looking towards leadership positions within Germany or the wider European market.

2. You acclimatise to German culture 

An MBA can not just help with understanding the contexts of the market, but also with navigating the professional norms and etiquettes unique to a region. While ESMT offers a global perspective, there are opportunities on its MBA programmes to help students prepare for a career in Germany, through opportunities such as internships, career fairs and masterclasses.

3. You widen your network 

As a student at ESMT, you’ll have an opportunity to broaden your professional network, reaching across not only your class peers and the ESMT faculty, but also - most importantly - major German businesses and startups. If you’re aiming to widen the scope of positions available to you in Germany, this is invaluable, as it opens doors to industry insights, potential job offers, and professional mentorship within the German market.

4. You benefit from visa advantages

Students of the Full-Time MBA at ESMT Berlin can benefit from pathways to longer-term residency or work visas in Germany. Graduates of ESMT that require it can benefit from an 18-month work visa that does not require sponsorship from an employer.  

5. You get to improve your language skills

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some working knowledge of German, the Full-Time MBA at ESMT gives expats the particularly beneficial opportunity to learn German alongside their studies. With language classes included as a popular summer option for Full-Time MBA students, this presents a great chance to develop your language skills and open up broader career opportunities.

6. You can access expat-focused career services

ESMT Berlin offers tailored support to help students navigate the job market. The Full-Time MBA programme features a series of career development workshops and personal coaching sessions designed to help students transition to their next steps in the business world. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or online student, you can take advantage of on-campus or online recruiting events and career fairs that help to lay the foundation for your future network.

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For expats living in Germany, ESMT’s suite of MBA programmes offers more than just a comprehensive business-focused education; it offers numerous pathways to levelling up your professional profile and maximising your potential, opening up new job opportunities across the German economy. If you’re interested, you can find out more about ESMT and its range of MBA programmes on the website.



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