5+1 reasons for getting your MBA in Berlin

5+1 reasons for getting your MBA in Berlin


Are you ready to elevate your career? Then it is time to apply for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program in Berlin. The buzzing capital city of Germany is a perfect location for studying and networking. Here are five (plus one!) key reasons to choose Berlin to start your MBA journey:

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1. High quality of education

Berlin has a wide range of public and private institutions for business education. However, it only has one with a “Triple Crown” accreditation: ESMT Berlin is accredited by the three major accreditation bodies (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS). 

This recognition places the school among the top 1 percent of business schools and in the same league as renowned institutions such as London Business School or Imperial College. 

2. Flexible study options

It is hard to find an MBA program that fits into most people’s professional and personal calendars. 

In order to accommodate individual needs and different learning styles, ESMT Berlin offers a diverse portfolio of MBA options, including several program that fit with your busy work schedule: a Part-Time MBA; a Global Online MBA for the most flexible learning needs, and an Executive MBA for senior leaders. An intense, 15-month Full-Time MBA begins in January each year and rounds out the offerings. 

A wide range of elective courses allow you to expand your knowledge in new fields of your choice, including leadership, management, innovation analytics, sustainability and more

3. Affordable studying costs

Berlin might not be that “poor but sexy”,  as the old slogan says, but compared to major western European study destinations, the cost of living is still more affordable than in Paris, Amsterdam, or London. 

Alongside German initiatives such as the DAAD program, universities are also generous in terms of financial support. ESMT Berlin offers early application discounts and scholarships for all of its MBA programs. The university has also partnered with several study loan providers, to help make your MBA goals a reality. 

4. Valuable networks 

Germany serves as the economic powerhouse of Europe, while Berlin counts as the country’s thriving startup hub. Whether you are interested in smaller-scale startups or well-known German players, having connections is essential for opening doors. 

ESMT Berlin offers numerous networking opportunities through its entrepreneurship hub, Vali Berlin, its Career Development Centre and its wide alumni network. Embrace the power of networking during your studies, whether that is through in-person company visits, alumni job talks or MBA BBQs. 

5. Embracing diversity 

With inhabitants from all corners of the world, Berlin has become a global hub. In this international setting, it is crucial to learn how to collaborate and lead diverse teams effectively. 

Leadership development in such teams is an important part of the MBA curriculum at ESMT. The school leads by example, being Germany’s most international business school, in terms of faculty, staff, and students. Over two-thirds of ESMT's faculty members have a non-German background, representing 18 different countries.

+1 It’s Berlin! 

Regardless of whether you are able to move to Berlin for 15 months and study full-time, “just” come by every two months for the Part-Time or EMBA, or join a Berlin-based elective during the Global Online MBA, Berlin is always a good idea. 

Besides being a diverse, open city with a vibrant nightlife, it has an impressive art scene (including more than 170 museums!), and countless options for history and food enthusiasts.

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