Change your life: Learn to code with Le Wagon’s web dev and data bootcamps

Change your life: Learn to code with Le Wagon’s web dev and data bootcamps


Many expats in Germany find it difficult to get the education and qualifications they received in their home country officially recognised. As a result, many work in jobs for which they are overqualified, that do not satisfy them or make them happy in the long term. 

Expat opportunities: Jobs in tech in Germany

With Le Wagon, you will learn everything you need to learn to code and launch your career in tech

Yet the German labour market offers many opportunities for expats. Jobs in tech especially are often unfilled and companies are desperately looking for qualified employees to support them as web developers, software engineers, product managers, data analysts or similar. 

Although demand is high, it is often difficult for expats to acquire the necessary skills to land their first job and succeed quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that traditional education paths in Germany involve a lot of bureaucracy and demand a lot of time. 

An often overlooked opportunity lies in intensive bootcamps, in which participants are given all the tools they need to get started in tech jobs in a short period of time.

Kickstart your career in tech in just nine weeks

Bootcamps represent a very good opportunity for expats to learn programming in a short period of time and get started in their dream job.

The offers are just as diverse as the job profiles that open up after completing the bootcamp - from data science to web development to UX / UI, you can choose the bootcamp that fits your interests and strengths. 

Le Wagon offers on-site bootcamps for Web Development and Data Science at their three campuses in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. In 2023, the coding school will also be launching a Data Analytics bootcamp to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand for data analysts on the German job market. The duration of the courses varies between nine weeks for full-time students and 24 weeks for part-time students. You can choose the course format that fits your daily schedule.  

“We've hired more than 20 Le Wagon graduates in various roles. We really value their strong tech foundations and ability to learn fast.” -- Simon Baldeyrou, CEO - Getaround Europe

Think tech isn’t for everyone? It is!

Many people still have the notion that they’re not suited for a career in tech because they don’t know anything about code or data. But tech is for everyone who is interested and motivated to learn – it just takes the right environment and support. Many of the more than 17.000 Le Wagon alumni successfully completed their bootcamp without any prior knowledge about programming and are now working for companies like Google, Microsoft and Accenture. 

The main focus of the programmes is to teach participants all the practical skills they need to confidently launch their careers. Their job profiles are as nuanced as their interests:

Web Development:

  • Software engineers
  • Frontend and backend developers
  • Full stack developers
  • Product managers

Data Science / Data Analytics:

  • Data engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Data architects
  • Business analysts

Prefer to be your own boss? More than 200 graduates even decided to found their own businesses and have raised more than 800 million dollars for their tech products.

le wagon teacher answers questions

Acquire the skill set that recruiters are looking for

Terms like “web developer” and “data analyst” are currently trending on Google, with more and more job openings being posted every day. Recruiters are looking for people who have learned the theory of code but, even more importantly, are able to apply that knowledge in real life scenarios within real teams.    

Le Wagon’s bootcamps are designed to teach students everything they need to immediately start a job: In the mornings, students will take part in live sessions in which they learn about the theory of web development or data science. The afternoons are dedicated to peer-to-peer sessions and one-to-one coaching sessions where students will make their own projects come to life.

"It is stunning how much you learn in only nine weeks, not only web development but also how to challenge yourself and grow as a person!” -- Carolina, now a backend developer at N26

Join a global community of like-minded professionals

What often makes the path of tech education hard is the lack of support. Once students fall behind and can’t find the right answers to their questions they feel lost and drop out of their educational programmes.

Le Wagon works with small batches of students and passionate teachers to make sure everybody is on board. Instead of tackling problems alone, students work in small groups and receive immediate answers to their questions from either the teachers or the teaching assistants. Using their lifelong access to educational content online, students can brush up on their knowledge long after they have completed their bootcamp.

The support continues after the bootcamp

The job hunt in a foreign country can be daunting. Le Wagon offers career services to every graduate to make sure they find the right workplace. From connecting students with over 950 partner companies to helping them prepare for job interviews, the careers team is always there to answer questions, provide feedback and point graduates in the right direction.

Le Wagon ranks as the best coding school in Europe on leading job platforms, was rated 4,98/5 by thousands of students and helps alumni to find their first jobs in three months on average. Why settle for less?



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