Meet the tech bootcamp helping migrants find new career opportunities in Germany

Meet the tech bootcamp helping migrants find new career opportunities in Germany


The tech industry continues to thrive globally, with Germany standing out as a hub for skilled professionals in fields like web development, product management, and UX design. According to a report by Statista, the German tech market is projected to reach a value of 280 billion euros by 2022, indicating a significant demand for skilled tech workers. 

In this landscape, the Speak & Code Academy by Le Wagon emerges as a beacon of opportunity, offering a transformative six-month programme designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to excel in the tech sector.

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Learn to code and speak German at the same time

The goal of the Speak & Code bootcamp is clear: to provide participants with the ability to code fluently and speak German within just six months. This full-time programme is tailored for expats, migrants and refugees who aspire to kickstart their tech careers in Germany. 

Divided into three pillars, the bootcamp ensures comprehensive training to prepare participants for success in the German tech industry.

A holistic approach to skill development

The first pillar of the bootcamp focuses on providing the best web development training available. Over 24 weeks, participants learn the fundamentals of software development and undertake the task of building their own web applications from scratch, drawing from the renowned Web Development bootcamp curriculum by Le Wagon. 

Simultaneously, the second pillar of the programme guides participants through two to three levels of German language proficiency with Lingoda's interactive lessons, tailored to individual starting levels. This language training is essential for confident communication in both professional and social settings in Germany. 

Furthermore, the third pillar of the bootcamp ensures participants gain insights into German culture, customs and social norms, facilitating their integration into German society with support from Kiron.

Certification, support and access

One of the key advantages of the Speak & Code Academy is its certification and recognition by the German government, streamlining the job search process for graduates. Additionally, participants benefit from free language classes and tech courses offered by education partners such as Babbel and Coursera before the commencement of the bootcamp. Moreover, dedicated career support and internship opportunities through partner Virtual Internships enhance participants' prospects in the job market post-graduation.

It's important to note that while the training is offered free of charge, it requires a Bildungsgutschein issued by the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by these institutions to qualify for funding.

Graduate testimonials highlight the transformative nature of the programme, with Eric, a Speak & Code graduate from Ethiopia, saying: “The instructors' expertise and the collaborative spirit among classmates made the programme both challenging and fulfilling. I graduated not just with coding skills but with a sense of belonging to a supportive network.”

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Eligibility and application process

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, visit the Speak & Code Academy website today. Whether you're eager to inquire further, download the detailed course syllabus, or submit your application, the Le Wagon team is there to guide you every step of the way.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your potential in the thriving tech landscape of Germany. Click the button below to take the first step towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

Please note that only individuals with residency in Germany and access to public funding through the Bildungsgutschein are eligible for the Speak & Code programme. To determine eligibility, prospective applicants can visit the Speak & Code website and utilise the eligibility checker tool provided.



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