Launch your tech career in Germany with Speak & Code by Le Wagon

Launch your tech career in Germany with Speak & Code by Le Wagon


Settling in Germany and finding a job can be a daunting task, especially if your German language skills are not yet where you want them to be. But did you know that in Germany tech talent is desperately needed and that in many cases you don’t need a strong proficiency in German to land a job in tech?

In order to make your journey into tech as easy and comfortable as possible, Le Wagon has launched the Speak & Code Academy, a six-month course that teaches you the fundamentals of web development and the German language. This immersive programme is tailored for the unique needs and circumstances of expats and migrants looking to start a successful career in Germany.

rodrigo le wagon

Originally from Chile, Rodrigo came to Germany looking for a good quality of life. Speak & Code has given him the opportunity to work as a freelancer in tech while preparing for a new chapter in life as a father.

Get the best of both worlds

Speak & Code provides you with the learning content of one of the world’s best tech educators. Over the course of six months, you will learn to code based on the renowned Web Development bootcamp by Le Wagon, a programme that was awarded “Best Coding Bootcamp 2023” by CourseReport. 

At the same time, you will be placed in a German class based on your German level at the beginning of the course. Your level will be assessed with a quiz before you start. But don’t worry, you will not be placed in a German class with strangers - only together with your Speak & Code classmates.

Learn “how the hare runs”

Not only will you learn to code and how to speak German but you will also receive inclusion classes that will cover lessons about German history, politics and most importantly society and its quirks. 

Why? Because Le Wagon believes that a successful career in a foreign country is not only based on technical skills but also a solid understanding of the do’s and don'ts at the workplace. By taking these classes, you will learn how German society works and be able to confidently navigate it.

Certified education from expert teachers

Le Wagon has been teaching tech skills to beginners since 2013 and counts more than 22.000 alumni from all walks of life in its global community. With Speak & Code, they are taking their widely tested and approved content and methodology and spreading it over 24 weeks, giving you the chance to learn at a comfortable pace and with great support from teachers.

Le Wagon’s programmes are certified by the German government, making it easier for expats and migrants to find a job as oftentimes their original education is not recognised in Germany.

olga le wagon

Olga came to Germany from Ukraine after the Russian invasion of her country. Despite her experience, she knows that finding a job in marketing will be difficult. For that, she joined Le Wagon to start a new career in tech.

Career services to help you find your dream job

Even after your graduation from the bootcamp, you’re never alone. At the end of the programme, you will take part in the Le Wagon career week, which prepares you for the upcoming job hunt in Germany. 

The personalised agenda includes workshops, talks and hiring events. Le Wagon also has exclusive partnerships with organisations that specialise in helping expats and refugees find jobs in Germany.

Learning without having to worry about the finances

As the Speak & Code programme is certified by the German government, students who join the program can benefit from the “Bildungsgutschein”, a training voucher issued by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit or the Jobcenter. 

The aim of the Bildungsgutschein is to equip people with the right skills to conquer the job market. It covers your full course fee, plus potential extra costs like the daily transportation tickets to come to campus. You just need to be registered in Germany and currently unemployed. 

Make sure to talk to the Le Wagon team to check your eligibility and receive support for the application process. 

24 weeks to learn to code

Speak & Code is a unique opportunity to start your tech career in Germany. In just 24 weeks you will be able to code your own web application from scratch and speak German confidently. And the best part is that it will come at no cost to you. 

The next cohort starts on November 13 and you can participate on-campus in Berlin as well as fully remote. Visit the Le Wagon website to learn more and start your application. 



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