Confused about the COVID rules in your area? This app can help

Confused about the COVID rules in your area? This app can help

The aim of the coronavirus summit on November 18 was to lay down uniform rules across Germany, but nonetheless we are back to a patchwork system of differing regulations from state to state and even district to district. If you’re confused about what rules apply in your area, there’s an app that can help. 

Confusing patchwork of COVID rules in Germany

With the COVID situation worsening day by day in Germany, authorities are being forced to react quickly. New ordinances, laws and rules are being passed almost every day - some of them having a major impact on people’s lives. 

But the rules vary significantly between federal states, and sometimes even the next district over is subject to completely different decrees. In the midst of all this chaos, it’s hard for those who want to follow the rules to stay informed: about the decisive hospitalisation rate, and the accompanying restrictions. 

Darf ich das? app provides overview of restrictions in your area

Well, thankfully, there’s an app for that. The free app, “Can I Do That?” (Darf ich das?) aims to provide a quick and uncomplicated answer to these questions, showing users which measures are in effect in their local area, and which rules need to be followed. 

After downloading the app on your mobile phone (note that you need to have a basic understanding of German, as the app is not currently available in any other language), you can enter your location in the search bar or have the app work it out for you. 

You can then see information about coronavirus in your local area - including the seven-day incidence rate, the hospitalisation rate, and the intensive care bed occupancy rate in your local hospitals

The app also then breaks down the rules for various different areas of life, answering questions like: How many friends can I meet up with? Are bars and restaurants open and do I need a COVID certificate? What kind of mask do I need to wear on public transport and in shops? This avoids you having to wade through the sometimes dense information provided by local authorities. If you want to check the latest official information yourself, the app also directs you to the website of your local government. 



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