Deutsche Bahn planning new, cheaper flexi commuter ticket

Deutsche Bahn planning new, cheaper flexi commuter ticket

Deutsche Bahn planning new, cheaper flexi commuter ticket

New ways of working require new ways of travelling: Deutsche Bahn is reportedly working on plans for a new 20-trip ticket that would cost up to a third less than a normal monthly ticket. 

DB’s new flexi commuter ticket up to 33 percent cheaper

After the dramatic slump in passenger numbers during the coronavirus crisis, Deutsche Bahn is looking to boost demand with a new commuter ticket. According to a report in Wirtschaftswoche, the new ticket would be valid for 20 journeys on the same selected route. “The 20-trip ticket is up to 33 percent cheaper than the comparable monthly ticket on the same route,” said Deutsche Bahn. 

Keenly aware of how the coronavirus has changed long-term attitudes towards home offices and working hours, the rail operator wants to provide for those who “no longer go to their workplace every day”, but work one or two days a week from home. “These customers need flexibility, and we offer that with the 20-trip ticket.”

Demand picking up on German trains

Deutsche Bahn is expecting a faster recovery in traffic on long-distance rail than previously thought. “We believe that demand from private customers will come back faster than we feared in the middle of the corona pandemic,” said Michael Peterson, head of long distance transport with Deutsche Bahn. 

Currently, the company is expecting that passenger numbers will return to a 70 to 80 percent demand level by Autumn 2020. It is not currently clear when the new commuter ticket would go on sale. 



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