Price of beer in Germany could jump by 30 percent

Price of beer in Germany could jump by 30 percent

As inflation continues to surge across Europe, experts have warned that people in Germany could be forced to pay an extra 30 percent for their usual bottle of beer on a summer’s night. 

Oktoberfest is expected to return for 2022

The German Beer Association told Bild newspaper that the price of beer could rise by up to 30 percent in the coming months, causing a shock for consumers across the country. As COVID-19 restrictions in Germany start to wind down, events and festivals are beginning to get large crowds in attendance once again. 

In particular, the annual Oktoberfest celebrations in Bavaria are widely expected to go ahead this autumn, which could be seriously affected by the rising beer prices. Inflation already jumped to 7,4 percent in the month of April, which is likely to affect the costs of materials that brewers in Germany throughout the rest of the year. 

German brewers are under pressure as prices continue to increase

Food inflation is one of the key factors putting businesses and consumers under pressure. Much of the price increase originates from the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, which has pushed the price of energy, fuel and food up. 

Prices for gas have risen by 430 percent compared to last year, and prices for electricity have jumped by 250 percent, with many brewers struggling under the added pressure. “The cost increases are beyond all dimensions,” the General Manager of the German Brewers’ Association, Holger Eichele, told Bild newspaper. “Whether it’s pallets, brewing malt, beer mats or crown corks – the prices are going through the roof. We haven’t experienced anything like this yet.”



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